Mr. Robot (S03E08) "eps3.7_dont-delte-me.ko"

This episode was like an aftermath to what happened in the previous episode. Elliot (Rami Malek) had the need to visit Mobley’s (Azhar Khan) and Trenton’s (Sunita Mani) families. Sadly, Mobley’s brother didn’t want to hear a word from Elliot, but Trenton’s family felt grateful for his words toward their daughter. Elliot also took Trenton’s brother to the movies. The little boy was such a sweetheart! It made my heart break even further because Trenton had such an ugly ending and left him behind, unwillingly, of course.

It also made Elliot’s heart break further, as he started crying. It’s really an impossible situation, where he is definitely to blame for everything that has ever happened in this entire show, but it also isn’t his blame, since he can’t control Mr. Robot.

He then persuaded Mobley’s brother to create a funeral for Mobley, which he didn’t plan at first. And that wasn’t quite enough for Elliot, he had to go ahead and visit Angela (Portia Doubleday), because Darlene (Carly Chaikin) told him at the very beginning of the episode that Angela wasn’t doing good. This is another impossible situation … You wish for Angela to fall apart, as did Elliot at first, but you can’t forget about the fact that she has been manipulated all along. She simply isn’t a strong character, she never has been. All this “power” that she has had was basically inserted into her in order to control her.

This was a slow episode where nothing really happened, but it was still a good one! It passed by quickly and left us feeling more at peace for having somewhat of a closure from the deaths of Mobley and Trenton. I also think there is a chance that Elliot was Trenton’s “person of trust” who she mentioned would get an E-mail if anything was to happen to her, but she might have calculated her odds wrongly … We’ll see in the next episode whether Elliot wants to right his wrongs furthermore and whether Mr. Robot will even let him.