Glitch (S02E02) "Two Truths"

Things of a bizarre nature are going down in Yoorana, even more so than usual. This episode leaves you wanting more and wondering if you took a trip down the rabbit hole in the process.

Kate (Emma Booth) finally finds some sense of normalcy in the arms of Owen (Luke Arnold), that moment is quickly dashed when James (Patrick Brammell) finds the two of them in the heat of a very personal moment. James has moved on, she should be able to have that chance as well. Although there is something increasingly off about Owen, especially when Kate runs to him after a fight with James. There are so many mysteries and not enough time to figure them out it seems.

Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) is ready to give them the answers they seek, although she doesn’t prove to be very helpful. There is still something cryptic in the way that she talks, there are deep-seated secrets residing inside of her, they will eventually come out. She urges James to go and find John (Rodger Corser), knowing that he is in danger in the hands of Noregard. Unwilling to let her out of his sights, she is contained in the safe house.

Kate is done being pushed around and told what she can and can’t do. Much to Jame’s protests she chooses to tag along with him to confront Professor Heysen (Pernilla August), right in the heart of possible enemy territory. John is already unwillingly at their disposal, drugged and having some of his limbs removed. While their search comes up empty, they come no closer to trusting Elishia or Heysen.

Luckily John (or should we call him William now?), was able to escape. He’s not a man who can be held down for long. While in his sedated state, more memories came flashing back to him. He wasn’t the man Elishia had made him out to be, in fact he was never a murderous fiend we were all lead to believe. There is some deep-rooted connection between the two of them, it leaves more speculation and very little answers when the two of them come face to face once more.

Paddy (Ned Dennehy) and Charlie (Sean Keenan) have been busy trying to fortify Paddy’s old domain, but brutal flashbacks keep plaguing Charlie, rendering him useless. He’s been there before, it used to be a hospital after the war, and he was a patient there. Although he is no closer to getting his memories back, it’s a start. Good thing he has a friend like Kirstie (Hannah Monson) to fall back on, they seem to balance each other out in the chaos.

Beau (Aaron McGrath) is struggling to keep up with Phil (Rob Collins), who seems to be changed since the accident on the rigs. The fire took much more than his friend, it may have taken his sanity. Or perhaps, his life. There is something sinister about Phil, and we get to see the bigger picture when he seems to know exactly where Vic was buried. This is where it gets really strange, and I still don’t know if I fully understand what happened in that scene, so I will not even try to explain it here. But it certainly gives one the chills.

Sarah (Emily Barclay) is unhinged and is trying her best to keep it together. For once she is opting to be honest about her thoughts and feelings with James. They need to be on the same page in order to get through this ordeal. Although when James confides in her about where the others are hiding out, things take a surprising turn.

Sarah may not be the same person James has come to love, for she lets the nefarious Phil know exactly where the risen are being kept. This is a new and unsettling development. What is going on? I don’t know, but I sure hope we find out.
Who is else has risen?

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review