Star (S02E07) "Ghetto Symphony"

Testify!” It’s  What’s happening in America” #blm & civil, inalienable rights. Derek is back in the streets, interviewing & Al Sharpton is on the telly talking…
Filmed in black & white & one of the better cutaways, the “colored boys” sing about “” in America.
The music 🎶 was shades of Marvin Gaye, 🎤 Curtis Mayfield & peppered with the attitude of Gil Scott -Heron. It was the best opening & cutway yet …& I don’t like cutaways…or was it?  
Noah & Alex meet up with social media queen, Rachel to continue their “faking it”.   Star continues to claim , “don’t care” when obviously she does.
Strong arms💪 ransack Brody’s room & promise to harm his daughter, if he don’t pay up. #gambler.  #loansharks  Arlene is his ticket & savior 💰
Still devastated, Noah goes to Lucky’s grave ⚰ & cries. Maurice finds him & puts him in check.  “Man get yo’ass up!” “Get sober & get back to the studio”… or he’s done. #cold  
Ayanna puts The girls in the showcase. They ‘gotta be ready in 2 weeks. Poppa Ford is in Ayanna’s arse & she’s rushing.
 Joyce Sheree, #supersinger, is on board. She promised “the white gurl”   Star suggests to Alex, she can chill with “faking it” with Noah now. Alex says “no” methinks she likes the spotlight. #rivarly
 Ayanna has tempory custody of Simone. #rutroh  Carlotta doesn’t know.  #dontask #donttell
Simone steals Ayanna’s “nerve pills” for use as needed” riiiight!  
Sidebar: methinks Simone is predisposed to drugs, ya’think?!
Star goes to Noah for sex & takes a vid clip, “to remember him by” riiiight! Simone sees them post nasty.
Brody sneaks, peaks, searches the salon for whatever Mama-Hunter wants from Star’s phone.   
 Joyce arrives @ the studio. The gangs all here! She’s happy to see ’em & maybe another time, they’ll do that recording. But this time, she’s here to spit on Noah’s track.  They go way back &…he asked! Star feels like she’ been played…she was. #strictlybizness
Carlotta & Jahil go to get their daughter from Omari.  Carlotta shoots Omari in the foot on the way out.  
Star dl the vid of her (her face ain’t seen) & Noah. #naked. It’s viral in a negative way.  #blm aint happy; Ayanna aint either. Alexandra saves him with a positive post, dispelling a breakup.
Later, Joyce o’d #stressmeds & liquor. She survives, is hospitalized & probably going to rehab. She ain’t sanging with nobody. Problem solved.
Ayanna gives Simone a Xanax to calm her nerves, after the fear of Joyce’s o’d rattles her. Really?!  She also knows Simone took the other pills. Waiting for the other shoe👞 to drop here. Carlotta’s the shoe…or boot in this case.
Later that night, Maurice comes to see Carlotta to check in on her…& then go to bed…with her 💏
Brody gets the pics of Hunter’s fist up’side Star’s head & the many, many…many voice messages of “sorry baby”  from her 2nd phone. He gets his jacket and leaves. #daddysgirl.  Yet he and Jahil can probaby work sum’n out regarding Arlene. 🤔
Finally, Ayanna gives a pep talk to her artist, that’s not:
Noah & Alex will close the showcase. They’re trending.  I can hear the threads of the fabric holding these girls together ripping.  #jealousy #envy #drugs & as evident when Noah kisses Alexandra in the parking lot, then apologizes. Playing with 🔥
Yet when Alexandra climbs into bed with Derek, she sees Noah for a minute in fantasy. #infidelity And maybe she’s just horny.  
Waiting for the other shoe…👞 to drop; and that’s maybe next week.
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