Empire (S04E07) "The Lady Doth Protest"

♬ 🎹 Jamal’s with Lucious who’s “playing” in colors, lime & green, the piano. He’s transcribing his painting, which is on the wall of the studio. It was very nice,  jazz like & soft, #pianissmo. 

Across town, Anika & Angelo are on a bench in the park …& baby makes 3; laughing & being a lovely family. It’s just a matter of time with these two,  & thereafter, Bella will be calling him, “daddy”

Hakeem is in the bushes, watching, ready to jump. Thirsty stops him.  #stalking

Later, Lucious goes to Anika. He pleads a case for his grand daughter. He’ll make Bella joint heir to the Empire, in exchange for joint custody. She’ll think about it.  #not

In the studio; Tory’s singing. She’ s tired. Calvin’s tired. Porsha’s tired. Eddie’s been producing all night & wants more coffee! All are complaining. Eddie thinks their head’s not in the game, so he pushes harder. Calvin encourages Porsha to act#out. The disgruntled engineers are prepared to strike! #picketlines #picketsigns 

In the Empire offices, Cookie flashbacks to the prison & receipt of her divorce papers. They had a cell divorce party to cheer her up. #bonded She looks at Lucious and recalls, he didnt always have her back. Well “he does now”, he says & hints he wants his chair back. 😘 It was a cute moment.

Sidebar: when did these 2 remarry? I don’t recall. #not

Across town, Jamal & Warren are in da’club.  Warren suggest a 3some. Jamal ain’t interested, yet if it makes Warren happy, “otay”👌
At home, at Empire, in the streets, Andre is calling Pamela. 100 times or more, he’s begging with apology, for sum’n I don’t care about.  He’s taking his new meds by the handfuls & drinking.

In an act of consciousness, the 3rd party in the 3some is dismissed, without action by Warren. He loves Jamal. He tells him “no matter what… remember that” Right here-right now, the other shoe comes closer to the drop & there’s the smell of   💩 hitting the fan!  
Andre is still freaking out & methinks it’s the meds, alcohol & Pam, who finally connects, with some 🐃💩 tale of where she’s been.
Pam plays, “I’ve got a secret” “I’ll  tell you mine; you tell me yours” She’ s obviously playing him for the bomb info & I’d be surprised if she’s NOT a Dubois. I’m also ready for Andre Martin Lyon to go to jail. #youdisappointmefredo. #sickandtired

Back st The Empire Studios, Eddie reminisces & encourages Lucious to go old school when erry body walks out in a strike, he instigated
Outside, Shine joins the strikers. Tory Ash joins the protest & takes the opportunity to sing her new song for the crowd. #opportunist
Eddie wants to replace the workers. Cookie flashes back to the prison & says “no” she calls a conference of both sides.

Cookie tells another story in flashback; which is now annoying cause I don’t like prison stories #claustrophobic #freedom ‘Bottom line,  family,  whether by blood or choice, stand together thru hard times & disagreements.  They agreed to return to work.  #nice
Andre is in bed with Pamela & wants her to meet his family, but not today. They’re going to see Bella as negotiated by Lucious.  He leaves Pam alone. If she’s in his house, the search is on!

Jamal wants Warren to come with. Jamal thinks “he’ s the one” Warren @ that moment tells Diana he’s out; just as the Lyons walk in.  👞 #shoedrops

Lady Diana sips wine & tells the tale of Warren’s plan of seduction. Jamal attacks while customers, clients & erry body present, have their cameras out recording the Warren beat down. #tmz. Lucious stands there. Cookie promises war.

This episode was a build to the upcoming finale, that’s clear. It’s not one of my favs, but it had it’s moments. 

Empire airs Wednesdays @ 8:00 p.m Pacific Time