Superstore (S03E04) "Workplace Bullying"

The Superstore tackles work bullying for all the right reasons.

After trying to stop a robber, Jonah gets bullied by Dina about how he handled the robbery situation by just letting him go by when the robber was polite. After a staff meeting about how to handle the situation and for what ever is worth, Jonah did the right thing by letting the robber go.

But when Jonah talks to Jeff the meeting and then tells him about how Dina was bullying her than things got fro bad to worst. Dina comes at Jonah after she gets her first warning. Soon the two face off in a fight where Jonah had an “accident” when she was on him. The two go come to common ground and Dina still finds him attractive.

Meanwhile, Amy knows that there has been a trivia night with the co workers for a long time and hasn’t been a part of it. She tries her best to get in the group and after getting into the “best friends group” for which she didn’t want, she finally gets accepted to the trivia game night but comes to realizes that it starts at 10 pm.

“Workplace Bullying” was pretty funny, mostly comes from Dina and Jonah story over Amy and her trying to get into the Trivia Game Night. From the scene of Dina telling the cop about the robber and found out that Jonah didn’t do anything as he let him go to the awkward fight scene outside Cloud 9. Even the ending with Sandra having no walk buddy to walk her to her car and carrying a kazoo was too much. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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