Superstore (S03E05) "Sal is Dead"

In this Halloween episode, a dead body has appeared from inside the walls of Cloud 9, plus Amy tries helps Jonah on his dating app.

When the dead body of Sal has appeared through the wall of Could 9, Glenn tries to cover the body but with no luck and gets a huge crowd looking at it. Having to wait for the Corner to come, Dina picks a guy, who’s dressed up as a corner, and takes him to the dead thinking that he really is one.

Mateo is sad that he can’t make it to his cousin’s wedding int he Philippines and due to his undocumented status Cheyenne find a way to help. Cheyenne gets Sal’s passport and fixes Mateo’s face to look like Sal. Looking like Sal, Mateo walks around and soon changes into a Sal like character all creepy and such. Mateo soon decides to not go to the wedding and finally taken off the make up as it was really creepy.

Meanwhile, Jonah is checking out the women on the dating app and when Amy takes his phone to give her two cents, she accidentally swipe right to Kelly. Trying to fix it, Amy just makes it worst. Kelly goes after Jonah for what she assumes he texted her but later she and Jonah fool Amy of what she had done.

“Sal is Dead” was a memorable Halloween episode. Not big event episode but still funny with scenes from Mateo becoming Sal to Glenn trying to not get any of the costumers to see the dead body of Sal. Not to mention seeing Amy taking over Jonah’s phone and checking women for him, which was probably the one thing I’ll remember from this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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