Superstore (S03E06) "Health Fund" Fall Finale

In the fall finale of Superstore, Cloud 9 takes on health care in a way that shows how difficult it is to make.
When the employees of Cloud 9 discuss methods on clearing an infected ear of Mateo’s, everyone strts given their own remedies. Jonah believes that he can make a better health care policy than the one that the company can give, but it soon backfires and Amy and Jonah become the faces of the store’s health care policy.

When Amy and Jonah come up with a plan of having two groups (Group A will pay $20 and Group B pay $200), it backfires again and the staff come up with another way with many upon many groups that at one point had one group called World of Fire. But after all of that, Amy and Jonah decides that health care is too complicated and hided in the storm shelter along with Kelly.

Meanwhile, after making fun of Dina getting worked done because she had a mole removed that happened be close to cancer. Glenn thinks that he might have a cancer mole near his penis and tries to get a second opinion. He ask Dina to look at it but couldn’t tell and takes a photo of it and send it to her doctor which came back not cancer.

“Health Fund” was a very good and hilarious episode. Between Glenn and his mole and Amy and Jonah’s health care policy both stories were quick entertaining and memorable. Even we got to see Sandra really give it to Jonah and Amy like we never seen before. The writing for this episode was very good and strong. I enjoyed every minute of this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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You can catch a special Christmas episode of Superstore Tuesday, Dec. 5 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC.