Chicago Med (S03E02) "Nothing to Fear"

This week’s episode dealt with one doctor dealing with what seemed to be a mistake, another not seeing the clear picture of a paitent even thought she might be right. And a relationship is once again close to danger terrioty.

After a couple of late nights being up with Robin, Rhodes learns of the paitent from last week of his heart stint was leaking. It drew Rhodes to finding out what went wrong and looking like hell to prove it too. Latham orders him away from the case, but of course this is Rhodes and later tells the patient that the surgery to fix the stinit is silm to none to surivive. Latham and Bekker does the surgery while Rhodes is benched fro any surgery. But looking at the view from the screen Rhodes see that the stinit is literally noneffective.

April and Ethan’s relationship does up again when April’s patient comes in just for medicine but Ethan wants to do some test and workup to make sure. That turned into a real love fest when Ethan does more and more test and it upsets April that he asked for her opinion about it too. While this was going on, Maggie can see the tension between one another and pulls them like a mother bear would do to their young and threaten to pull them away if they couldn’t work together. Soon, Ethan gets the test results that Aprl’s patient has lung cancer and asked April to inform him about it because the patient felt confortable.

#Manstead seems to be alive and kicking as Natalie and Will plan to go out on their first date. But before that, they treat a patient that is pregnant that’s eight months pregnant but shows about five months. The patient have been very health and not to use any type of foods that have been made and such. Will and Natalie tries to get her well nourished but she won’t allow it. Natalie does try to give the patient treatment but fought and almost came to a lawsuit. Natalie gives one more shot while the patient was having heart trouble and got her to connect to do an emergency c-section, which was successful and the baby was given meds, fluids and such.

Natalie and Will goes on their date, but misses their dinner and instead Will takes her to ride the ferris wheel. This was after Natalie gave a heartfelt speech about fear. And as the wheel moves, the two then kiss.

With all that, Reese and Charles seems to be on good but separate terms. Reese gets a patient that happens to inject insullien to herself. The patient seemed nice and tells Reese that she didn’t mean to do it and tells her that she was stressed over the divorce hearing. But when the patient asked Reese for a medical note, Reese wouldn’t do it and the patient turned from nice to a Mrs. Hyde and demanded to talk to Dr. Charles.

Dr. Charles sees that the patient needed to be heard from Reese and when she does back and talks to her again the two makes up and hug. Later Reese seemed to lose her medical pad and sees that the patient was leaving pretty quickly so Reese stops her and find her pad in the patient’s purse.

Reese is upset about what the patient is done and expresses it to Charles about it. Charles sees that the event of him getting shot from Kellogg really got her emotions on high, for which we can understand. Even Charles tries to calm her down by reviewing his medical chart after the shooting and tells her that what she’s feeling will past and well that may not be the at all the end when the patient seems to slash her tires.

“Nothing to Fear” was another good episode. The performances of everyone was really good and the writing was strong and intense at times. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

You can catch Chicago Med Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.