Chicago Med (S3E01) "Speak Your Truth" Season Premiere

Chicago Med is back!!

In the season premiere, after the event of last season’s season finale, the show picks up right back up with Dr. Charles and Kellogg on the ground after Kellogg shot him and himself. Goodwin gets there and talks to Charles through til they get into the ER where Rhodes comes in and takes him up to the OR .

The episode jumps three months, Charles is still feeling some pain but wants to get back to work. He’s going to Kellogg’s trial to testify. Mostly everyone in the hospital as the same opinion about Kellogg but Charles, who thinks that Kellogg deserves to be in a mental hospital where he can get help.

But of course, the one person that thinks that it’s a total bull was Reese, who expressed her opinion about Kellogg. With that in mind, Reese took it in her own hands and testify against Kellogg saying that he’s acting out for attention and gave examples but Kellogg gave the perfect example by showing his anger and tries to attack her.

Of course, Kellogg was found guilty and will be taken to prison and get treatment. But Charles what’s the guy not in jail because he’ll probably not seek the treatment that he deserves. For which he might be right but Reese was right to do what she did.

Meanwhile, April and Ethan’s relationship is trying to be on the down low but some are picking up what they are showing, even some of the other nurses. Ethan wants to go public but April doesn’t and sees that he’s given her special treatment among the others by having her run test while others didn’t and had to clean up and such.

Rhodes has his hands full when it comes to work and relationship as  Robin has been release from the hospital. Reese tells Rhodes that she may not be the same and experience some personal changes. Those changes happen to be sexual as she wants more and he had to get to work. As for work, Dr. Lahtam gives his surgery  to Dr. Bekker, who shows a bit of competition with Rhodes.

The one story that we all were looking forward to was #Manstead. Manning comes back to work after a three months off and got everyone thinking that she wasn’t coming back. She gets back to work with Halstead, who misses her too, with a couple who got into a car accident. The wife needed to tell her husband that she’s sorry but never got the chance as his injuries where too severe. After the shift had ended, both Halstead and Manning talked about that couple and as soon as they were to walk apart, Halstead opened up to Manning about why he broke it off with Nina. He tells her that he still has feeling for her and that it hasn’t left him at all and soon Manning kisses Halstead to finish off how she feels about him.

“Speak Your Truth” was a really good season opener that really had some conversations to talk about, with the Kellogg case no doubt. The episode was strong in the writing that brought good haracter development and even some really good emotional moments. I thought Rachel DiPillo was really good in this episode along with Nick Gehifuss and Torrey DeVitto. I really enjoyed Norma Kuhling as Dr. Bekker. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch Chicago Men Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.