Good Behavior (S02E08) “Stay Beautiful”

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Letty: Is spiraling out of control.
What a way to start the day, huh? Letty in the shower drinking straight out the bottle. She comes out, looking at herself in the mirror. (Girl, take a hard-long look in the mirror! You might not like what is staring back at YOU!) Upon this reflection, she decides to make a phone call? (RANDOM. Maybe not the best idea to call people, when you’re drunk?) She calls Estelle, and demands to speak to Jacob. Letty, girl I love you, I really do. You can’t keep doing this. You are torturing yourself. Stop putting your son thru hell. Estelle tells Letty about something he’s doing that is a new behavior.

“I told him he had to pick up after the dog he had. He screamed at me.” – Estelle to Letty (re: Jacob)

Is it maybe that is he’s upset that he isn’t with Letty and Javier anymore? I would think so. He loves them both. As much as he loves Estelle and Rob, they aren’t his parents. Letty is his paternal mother and Javier is like a father-figure and friend to him. Jacob respected him. This could be a reason for the sudden backlash. Although, not intentional.

Moving along, we get to meet Boner and Dave. Well, Dave is Letty’s friend from her “pre-Javier”/”partying days”. I was disappointed in how fast Letty went back to using and abusing. She was partying like a ROCK STAR. It’s was unfortunate how she totally forgets about the real life and progress she’s made. The true love she shares with Javier.

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She must prove herself by doing a “line sprint”. (Doing a very long line of cocaine). I feel like we were missing Tony Montana at this moment. (I’m the King of the World!) Letty is now high as a kite, snorting cocaine. Her and Boner are having the weirdest conversations too!

“You have the most beautiful skin.” – Letty

“That’s because I’m immortal.” – Boner

(Were you laughing as hard as I was? I mean this was SO funny. The comedic banter between these two was priceless in this scene. Not on the Agent Lashever level, though. Do not be mistaken.)

I did not understand how Letty got from the cornfield with Dave and Boner to the woods? Can somebody help me? That had to be some P-A-R-T-Y. Letty, girl what are you doing with these junkies? Wake up! Go and find Javier!!! Letty’s phone contacts: Pizza if high, Lashever Beast, Lock codes. (Can I get on this list?)

The nail gun scene was so intense! (All fun and games until someone gets hurt or dies.)

The job.
I found this part with Javier, the guy and his wife were quite interesting. The husband had his wife all figured out. The negotiations between him and Javier would begin. Javier explained his preferred method of death, “Heart attacks.” The man was so matter of fact about everything. I guess you get ice-cold, when the woman you love, wanted you dead. “950 thousand in cash.” He changes his mind. Javier than tells him. “1 million.” (We are guessing this is what their “dream home” costs.) The guy is wondering if Javier is serious. (As a heart attack. snorts and snickers). We flash forward, then seeing Javier with the real estate woman. Javier starts bartering with her for a good deal. This is for the mega mansion for him and Letty. He offers an all cash deal of 1.1 million. He is now a home owner. Should I be saying they are now homeowners? …

The husband uses mercury to kill his wife by an oxygen mask. This is a job that Javier would never usually do. It shows you how much he loves Letty. He wants to start their future.

Teo is not dead yet? Can you believe this? Carlito’s Way is a goner, though.

Back to the scene of the crime… We see Javier torturing Teo STILL. (Who I thought was dead?)

“Put on a shirt. We’re moving.” – Javier to Teo. He is laying on the floor and got the living daylights beat out of him. “You are the first guest in my new house…” Javier tells Teo. Javier is going to shoot him up with something they use to immobilize pigs on farms. “You killed David, Carlos (Silk) and my father.” Javier tells Teo. (BUT, are they really all dead? Can you really trust Teo?)
Carlos (Javiers’s brother) shows up at his new house. He has a gift for him. Javier must run out. He wants Carlos to leave. He doesn’t understand why he can’t stay? Javier gives in. He lets Carlos stand guard over Teo.  He comes back, find little brother muerte. (dead) He finds a note. “I had to take a pee break.” — Teo

Is it me or is something up with all Javier’s familia (family) dropping like flies?

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Javier to Letty: The many ways I love thee.

“Hi Letty.

This is not who we are. Some people push each over the ledge. But not you and me. We are the people who pull each other away from the ledge. – Javier to Letty

When he called her, it was like as if time stood still. You can’t tell me, Letty was not touched and moved by Javier’s gift? She loves him. BUT when she’s is with other people, her other persona surfaces. “LOOK AT ME, I’M EMOTIONLESS.” Who is she fooling but herself? I was upset with her reaction towards Javier on the phone… He loves her. He was trying to let her know this thru this gift of a home for THEM.

When he explained to her “This is not who we are.” Even though she was high, he reached her. It seems as if every hurdle they get over. They manage to come out stronger. Why is Letty putting him through this? They both desperately want a family, clearly love each other and Jacob. They are two imperfect people. Who are perfect for each other.
“You have a family, you have me.” – Javier to Letty

(He texts her a picture of the mansion.)
I know for the fans this was such an amazing scene. When she rejected him. It was painful to watch. You wanted to crawl into a ball. I felt for poor Javier. I love him. I mean, Letty girl. I love you too. It’s time to get yourself together. You two are in love. TIME TO STOP THE MADNESS. My saying about these two goes as: “Amazing together and wasted apart.” We can’t wait to see what happens next week!

As the show ends, with Letty alone in a very dark forest. We see her contacts. She tries to call Christian. (aka Christian Stalker) Almost… The phone dies. What valuable lesson did we learn here today? How important it is to have your battery on full charge always.

Good Behavior (S02E08) Stay Beautiful Random Musings:

  • This never-ending feud between Javier and Teo is getting really mal. (bad) If I was a betting woman, my Vegas money would be on Javier. It’s only a matter of time until Teo bites the dust literally. It might not be by Javier… (Guess again.)
  • I am really worried about Letty being in the woods all by herself. (No, this is not the Celine Dion song.) Will her knight in shinning armor get to her rescue in time? (Hum, who has the gun to shoot Teo?)
  • We received a HUGE ANVIL about the last episode, “Swans will keep us longing for a third season”. We know a few things. Swans mate for life. Swan Song… (Your theories?)
  • THIS WAS A TOP-NOTCH EPISODE! The performances will leave you wanting more! Thank you Juan Diego-Botto, Michelle Dockery, Lusia Strus, Joey Kern, Nyles Steele, Juan Riedinger and Cristo Tapia Montt!

Hope you enjoyed this review! 2 more to go until the finale. Good Behavior “Stay Beautiful”.