Supergirl (S03E09) "Reign"

This mid-season finale has literally left us speechless! Like I can not say how much I truly enjoyed this episode, I mean I knew this episode was going to be all about the character Reign. And this episode did not disappoint; now I did notice a little bit of foreshadowing done with the fight between Supergirl and Reign. Like how they had the people of National City see Supergirl being weak against Reign that is literally a foreshadow when they had The Flash fight against Zoom and Zoom showed the city the cities hero being weak. But I will get to that in a little bit!

So with this episode it was all about Samantha/Reign (Odette Annable) and of how things apparently work for now with Samantha and Reign’s personality which I feel like might change very soon. When we first see Samantha she mysteriously got home with no memory of her desert fortress of terror or what she did for the beginning hours of the morning. You have to admit though, thats actually a good name for Reign’s fortress. To call it the Fortress of Terror. But might I say that suit that Reign wears is truly badass; its just been a great run for this season so far.

I really liked that Coville (Chad Lowe) had answers that even Kara (Melissa Benoist) mother’s interface didn’t even have. But I also have a feeling that he isn’t going to live for future episodes. Because almost anyone who ever knows too much about Kryptonian knowledge always gets axed one way or another. But Coville gave Kara knowledge about the years before Rou the god of Krypton. That before the God of Krypton took power there was a darker history that ruled over the lands of Krypton and did experiments that were counted as dark magic or even end of days material to some. I found it really interesting though that Krypton had its own version of Lilith long, long ago. I find that interesting because it makes you wonder if Kryptonians helped write a little bit of human religion stories of Adam and Eve. I mean for DC Entertainment wise it would make sense or at least to me.

That fight though with Kara/Supergirl and Samantha/Reign was literally the best part of the episode. I truly loved every moment of those scenes, I know we are suppose to be rooting for the hero but I had to be rooting for the villain in this fight. Sorry Supergirl, but Reign brought her a-game to this fight and it made a fantastic brawl! It makes me wonder when it comes down to the two of them fighting in the season finale later on in 2018 how much damage will be done to the city after it? I mean in this fight there was quite a lot of damage to a building and to other parts of the city. Just saying that city is going to always have to be rebuilding after the fights that Supergirl has with people. But like I said Reign brought her a-game and gave herself the name Reign which is fantastic. And to make sure everyone knows her name Reign even made it clear who is stronger and it wasn’t Supergirl.

Now that Reign has made that first fight against Supergirl, who is going to be staying in control as the main personality? Will it be Samantha? or will it be Reign? And what is going to happen to Ruby (Emma Tremblay)? Cause that last scene with Reign still in control of the wheel or at least thats what it looked like as Ruby called out to her mom. Nothing better not happen to Ruby, even though it would break Samantha’s humanity and give herself only one personality in control forever which would be Reign, but I guess we will see!

Next Episode: Supergirl(S03E10): “Legion of Superheroes” will air Monday January 15, 2018 at 8/7c on The CW