The Middle's 200th episode airs tonight!

Tonight we get to see The Middle’s 200th episode. The episode, called The 200th, is another celebration of the city of Orson. Just like in The 100th when Orson turned 100 years old, the show uses this important episode number in the episode itself. Orson is named one of the 200 most livable cities in Indiana, which of course means everybody is there to celebrate. The neigbors, including the Donahues, are back, as well as Brian-Doyle Murray as Mr. Ehlert and Cindy returns in this episode, possibly to get back together with Brick.
With 200 episodes to look back on, it’s safe to say that the quality of the show has gotten better and better over the years and The Middle has become one of the best comedies on TV. The great cast and amazing writers have shown us a relatable and funny family with characters that have improved and developed a lot over the past 9 seasons. And it’s only fair that this fantastic show reaches this exceptional milestone.
Sadly there will be no other milestone episodes like this anymore as The Middle is ending in May after 9 seasons, but with 16 episodes (tonight’s included) to go we hopefully still have plenty to look forward to before we say goodbye to the Hecks one last time.
Tune into ABC tonight at 8/7c and come back to TV Series Hub tomorrow to read my review of the episode.