Chicago Med (S03E03) "Trust Your Gut"

Sometimes you just got to trust your gut in risky situation.

“Trust Your Gut” literally means what it means when it comes to this episode.You can have all the knowledge you want but it’s your gut instinct that will help you figure it out. With one patient, who comes in with a cut on his gut, trying t explain that there’s something inside of him. After meeting with Dr. Charles and Reese, the patient pulls out his intestate and rush to the OR to fix, but that wasn’t the strange thing at all as the surgeons found a tumor that happens to be vanishing twin syndrome.
Another patient comes in with Dr. Manning and Choi treating who had no clue what was wrong with her at all. The parents blamed her brother for it, thinking it was drugs, but it wasn’t. After a harsh moment with the brother and his parents, Choi talks to the brother about him and the drug use. The brother opens up about the pain in his gut after eating a burger and soon after Choi and Manning rush to the OR to stop a transplant to test the liver and comes to a conclusion that the patient and her brother sufferers from OTC or Omithine Transcarbamylase deficiency.

And Bekker and Rhodes butt-heads on the treatment of the patient who just had surgery. When the patient doesn’t look so good, Bekker thinks other options that the patient needs now, but Rhodes wants to do it his way and trust his gut that with the treatment he’s given will work and it did.

The episode was had so many good moments, that really made you think of the cause with the cases that the doctors were treating. The writing of this episode was so good and kept me interested the whole hour. With the good cases, I did enjoy the next chapter of #Manstead in the discussion of should Will shave or not. I don’t mind if he shaves or not, but I think it would be interesting to see a clean face Halstead in the ER. Plus, who didn’t enjoy that ending with Will and Natalie falling asleep in the break room. The performances from the cast was really good and that everyone had equal good performances. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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