Family Guy (S16E08) "Crimes and Meg’s Demeanor"

Meg’s in her senior year of High School. There’s a party & she’s not invited. She’s encouraged by her dad to crash.  She does. #theuninvited.  And the consequences of this crash is what this story is about…and of course Brian, part 3  

Meg  has nothing in common with her classmates, til she starts drinking & throwing bottles, that land perfectly on the tables. #straightup.  She’s also hella’funny and can take a situation to side splitting.  #lmao.

Somewhere here, the ending of “The Usual Suspects” is cutaway.  I’ll have to watch again, to find out why…maybe. The twisted foot is shown, walking; then straightened up, while still walking. Then gasp; 😲  “Keyser Soze” was gay the whole time. #kevinspacey #sethcarpet 

Brian’s in his apartment with his binoculars, looking thru the windows of his neighbors. #peepingtom  He’s in a wheelchair, post breaking his leg. He’s actually creepy & fails to see the similarity between him & his arch enemy Quagmire, who is almost caught with his pants down, literally.

The husband of the woman Quagmire is getting giggity with comes home. He runs to the fire escape,  naked with no where to go. Brian is salivating with glee. Yet Quagmie catches a lift with a passing plane, when he shoots a well hidden arrow into the plane. He gives Brian 🖕 as he’s lifts. #madrespect 👊 #giggity.

Then Brian witnesses Principal Shepard kill his wife?  He drags a very heavy bag, leaving a trail of red fluid to the dumpster.  Later, she’ s reported missing on the local news.

Brian calls home. Stewie’s goes to help. How?  Well Stewie sneaks into the Principal’s apartment while Shepard’s out.  And here we find John Shepard likes dolls. That’s all I’ll say about that; but Stewie may need to see a therapist at some point.

Shepard sees Stewie leave his apartment & follows him to Brian’s. Then Brian accidently falls out of a window, after Stewie bats Shepard.  He survives & is hospitalized. Shepard’ s arrested fir stealing food from the cafeteria. #lesmiserables.  His wife had left him.
In a visit to a hospitalized Brian, Chris & Lois, have a moment when they repeatly ask, his roommate, “Annie are you, ok?  She had been hit by a “Smooth Criminal”  Sweet. 👊 #michaeljackson 🎤🎶

Back to Meg. She was drinking at home.  Lois was concerned. Peter agrees to have a talk with her. They stop by The Drunken Clam to discuss Meg’s situation.  🍻 They wake up on a boat in the middle of the ocean.

Meg’s hangover is soothed when she does a riddle describing Chris O’Donnell as recommended by Peter.  “He’s just “…not …and you feel in the  blank #sethcarpet

Meg is so sick,  she swears off booze forever. Peter’s burned & swivels 🍇 like a grape # raisin, after he removes his shirt to cover his head. #pointless. They’re picked up by a coastguard plane, flown by… Chris O’Donnell. *snap! Family reunion at the same hospital.

Seemingly unprovoked and for no other reason than, bored; Chris ends the episode with a profound question,  as he looks thru his telescope & asks,  “If my life were better here, would I stop searching for it, up there,” 🤔 ummm. #Profound

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