The Flash (S04E09) "Don’t Run"

So this is the mid-season finale and I have to say I’m really impressed with this whole season so far. I just hope it doesn’t wonder off like how it almost did last year but with a very comic book storyline being revealed as the major big bad’s master plan but we will get to that in a little bit! Whatever the writers have done to make this season the best season since freshman season, I encourage them to continue to do it. Cause it’s made the series a whole lot better!

So like I said I was really impressed with this episode and I’m sure a lot of people will agree, it is a game changer thats for sure! And there was so much that has happened in the episode but I won’t go into details though, although I kinda need to go into details with mentioning how this episode brought a comic book storyline to life. The storyline is one of many of Devoe (Neil Sandilands) comic storylines that have been brought to our comic book reading minds. One story was that Devoe was always a great mind and an accident made him the smartest man alive, but we are in a different comic book story for the season! In this season we are using one of the other Devoe stories which was actually one of the better stories if I say so myself.

In the comic story, Barry (Grant Gustin) finds out about Devoe being the Thinker and to get him from revealing the info to important people, Devoe changes bodies by transferring his brain intellect and soul into another body and staging a crime with his lifeless body to take Barry/The Flash out of the game and leave Central City without a hero by putting Barry in prison; like father like son some may say! I mean Barry is being framed for murder and guess what, its exactly where the series has headed but how will Barry get out of prison. Guess we will find out I can’t spoil everything for you guys that would be no fun.

Another thing I loved about this episode is Amunet Black (Katee Sackoff) graced us with her presence on this episode. And I truly love that we got her back, but because we got her back this episode we need her to be back for more episodes. I mean she is literally one of the best villains for this years season. And I would love to have her back again because she is just a whole lot of fun! And I would love to see her even more episodes; maybe have it so Caitlin/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) gets in contact with Amunet and the two of them team up to break Barry out of prison. That would be the best prison break since the prison break telelvision show, am I right?

Until next time which sadly will be only a month away but it still feels so long to wait!

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