Gotham (S04E10) "Things That Go Boom"


The piano playing in the background of this episode was quite fitting. The studio knows what it is doing to raise the episode’s tension. #MusicAppreciation because that’s an underrated aspect of most shows.

In the park known as the Narrows, Leslie faced a new threat… The family of Nygma, Leslie and Grundy is formidable though. “Sampson” wishes to push in on Leslie’s territory as he views her Queendom as weak and feeble. 

They jump at a chance to negotiate with him. He doesn’t listen. #DiplomacyFail

Falcone continues to haunt Gotham. His daughter has effectively become a bonafide villain. Custody for Gotham caused a war to break out between Sofia and Oswald. It will end soon. #FallFinale

Singing Pyg isn’t included, though. Tired Gotham. Tired Gordon. Tired Leslie. Coffee is exactly what everyone on this show needs! Complaining aside, though. It’s harder for Gordon to abandon his moral code with Penguin’s passes. Especially with Professor Pyg out there. They strike in just a disruptive way! #GotHAM #FallFinale

Those papers doesn’t protect Oswald from Sofia exploiting the weak spot that she gave him. Up until that point, I thought I knew what’s coming. #Blindsided Back against the wall, Oswald sacrifices the boy he considered a son. Back to back moments of Oswald’s duplicitous nature showed he was still alive. The moment had me breathless.

I remarry the Osma ship, maybe? I recall them. #Bliss

At Leslie’s club, she plots her next move. Doc’s threesome is formidable. Ed suggests using Grundy but Leslie has other plans though.
Leslie decides to use her medical background against her enemy, Sampson. About time, I would say because I was afraid Leslie would be taking out. By drinking with Sampson, she slipped poison into his drink.

Leslie was the only one with the antidote and forces Sampson to get out of her territory. Nygma was impressed. My fan heart grew at this display of dominance and grew even further when Leslie gave Nygma a pep talk of her very own about his current identity crisis!
It’s been a few episodes since the show has addressed Ed’s diminished intellect but the fact it’s psychosomatic could mean Ed can go straight.

The Riddler, or at least the hallucinatory embodiment of Edward’s psychosis, rears his head towards the end of the episode to tempt him back to the life Leslie saved him from. Jail is the only way this can possibly end for Edward Nygma. #SayNoEd #RiddlersBack
Instigated by her recent betrayal, Oswald starts torturing Sofia which leads to her joining forces with the likes of Barbara Kean and Selina Kyle.

Strikers ignite Gordon to action.  The crowd wishes for the GCPD to answer for its corruption, from Penguin’s passes to Professor Pyg. #GCPDReform

These workers are just people though. The sides of this argument are as morally complex as this show has ever gotten before. The stories this show tells can reach beyond the simple pulp of other comic book shows. #NotJustForKids #ComplexGotham The disagreement between the officers causes Gordon to confront Professor Pyg in Arkham Asylum himself. Work is never over for Gordon. #Workaholic
Today’s television landscape has never known a character, created by Grant Morrison quite like Professor Pyg. Gordon sat across from him to learn his identity. Alone with this lunatic. On my life, I didn’t know if he’d survive!

With that moment, it became clear. In that moment of finding out his identity was a lie, it became clear his origin was being used. #SpyralIsComing

The seduction between Gordon and Sofia was a nice juxtaposition to this scene. Down to the exchange between Oswald and his ward, everything in this scene felt meaningful to the show. #EmmyWorthy There were stakes. War is here.

It’s clear that nothing will be the same after next week. All the moments had the tension of imminent change and danger.
Gotham airs 8 PM eastern time on Wednesdays