Lucifer (S03E08) "Chloe Does Lucifer"

No, it’s not what it looks like, but it doesn’t make this episode less awesome. This time around, top hat-turned-shoe Lucifer and Chloe investigate a murder which involves social media and dating apps, making it even more relatable to nowadays. This episode gets an A.

Written by Julia Fontana and directed by Louis Milito, “Chloe Does Lucifer” helps to deepen relationships between certain characters such as Amenadiel and Linda, through Amenadiel’s will to help Linda overcome the loss of her ex-husband, Reese Getty. We’ve seen their relationship go through some different situations, like when he pretended to be a psychiatrist called Dr. Canaan to get to Lucifer, or when they came clean with Linda about who they were. But this time, it is deeper and more meaningful to both. Be it a friendship or even a possible love interest between the two, they both can be themselves with each other, and mostly Linda feels comfortable around Amenadiel. A walk on the beach planning Reese’s memorial leads to a bonding over the real cause of Linda’s concern, her relationship with the Celestial beings, and her not knowing how to deal with mortality considering what she now learned about it and the Celestial world. Both Rachael Harris and
Another interesting relationship in development, so to say, is the one of Charlotte and Ella. Ella herself told Charlotte face to face that the light she once saw in her is long gone, but Charlotte, since she came back as herself, wants to repair her mistakes in order not to go back to Hell. This is fun. Charlotte would obviously benefit from hanging out with Ella, and taking advice from her, but for now, Ella is far from interested in doing so. That situation gives us plenty of funny moments when Ella tries to escape, but Charlotte always finds a way to find her. This relationship is interesting because it’s unpredictable and unusual.

Who’d thought the famous lawyer Charlotte Richards, who represented dangerous criminals would seek redemption after being killed and later having her body possessed by the Goddess of all creation, and when doing so, would go to the geeky and lovely forensic scientist Ella looking for help? Will be nice to see where this relationship is heading, as well as what will both of them get from it.

One cannot write a review of this episode and not talk about Lucinda, or the “Top Meet” party. To get to a suspect, Chloe and Lucifer need to get into this party taking place at the “Top Meet” headquarters. Instead of Lucifer, Chloe goes, which is no surprise, considering the app’s “creator” told them she was his type when they went to question him. Anyway, not trusting the Detective’s abilities in flirting and socializing, decides to do some training with her, in order for all to go as they need. Then we’re treated to some roleplaying with dolls and later Lucifer plays the part of Lucinda, the name that Chloe eventually uses at the party. I need to say Lucifer telling Chloe what to do (she was wearing an earbud) was very funny. In the end, Lucinda was very helpful to the investigation.

I saved the best for last. I have to admit that the opening scene got me fooled. I really thought Chloe and Lucifer were getting more intimate and were on a kind of date. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. We got to see our favorite punisher having a rather lovely moment with Chloe and Trixie, which involved a game of Monopoly, some face painting that was later made fun of by Amenadiel, and Trixie blackmailing Lucifer, or sort of. Lucifer’s inner conflict this time is the top hat-shoe dilemma. He claims to be a top hat, fun, sexy, partying guy, but in fact, he might be turning into a shoe himself, a normal, “boring” guy. It is fun to notice how much has Lucifer changed from the start. He might be a shoe, but he’s also a top hat if that makes any sense.