The Gifted (S01E09) “outfoXed”

Holy cannoli did we have a crazy episode. Esme stepped over the line, putting everyone in danger for her own gains. It once again brings up the complex conversation regarding the responsibility of certain powers. This was a prevalent theme through out the whole episode, presenting itself with Polaris and the Strucker siblings. However, it was Esme’s use of her powers to essentially assault peoples minds which caused many dominos to fall. The theory that she is an Emma Frost clone seems to be true, so her behaviour isn’t necessarily surprising. Emma Frost had a sorted past in the comics, being at one point a villain whom later joined the X-Men.

It is because of Esme’s manipulations that cause Andy and Lauren to be taken by Sentinel. Seeing them become casualties of the fight was a stark reminder that no one is immune to capture. They were certainly capable of using their newly discovered power, but Andy put the lives of the innocent first. This both a noble yet frustrating action, as it can be sure that would not be spared the same mercy. In the state of their world it would have been understandable for the siblings to bring down the building and cripple the opposition, even possibly a wise strategic move. It says so much on behalf of those brilliant characters that they wouldn’t cross that line. They are certainly worthy of picking up the X-men mantle in the future.