MacGyver (S02E10) "War Room + Ship"

Jack (George Eads) has decides to take matters into his own hands concerning the troublesome Elwood (Billy Baldwin). Someone wants him dead, but now that he is back in Riley’s life, Jack will go to any lengths to make sure she doesn’t suffer another unnecessary loss. In Elwood’s moment of clarity, the one that caused him to change his life around, he inadvertently scorned his former partner. The past always has a way of catching up to everyone in the end, and this instance is no different.

Back at the Phoenix Foundation, MacGyver (Lucas Till) is working solo trying to save a crew of 32 people aboard an ailing ship, in the middle of the arctic. With time constraints and panicky people, he must do his best to hold it all together. He befriends Zoe (Amy Okuda), who has taken control of the situation, determined to help her team survive through this ordeal. What can go wrong, does go wrong, that seems to be the unwritten rule. The clock is ticking, but with MacGyver at the helm, even if it’s remotely, they have a real chance at survival.

Bozer (Justin Hires) and Leanna (Reign Edwards) wake up together in bed. Not only are they handcuffed together, but they have no recollection of how they ended up in that predicament. Gunfire interrupts their confusion, the only thing they can do is run, and hope that their training will guide them to where they need to go. It’s another intense training session, but by pooling their resources and using their new found knowledge, they are able to complete the assignment and pass the training course with flying colours. The only catch? Due to security reasons, they will never see each other again.

Riley (Tristin Mays), not being able to get ahold of her father, tracks his phone down to Jack’s place. There is no hiding the fact that he is there, but she was going to find out eventually. Instead of lying to her, Elwood chooses to tell her the truth. He’s in trouble, and could use all the help he can get. Luckily, they have access to a state of the art lab that can help him out of this particular problem. It helps having friends in high places.

The situation on the ship takes a dire turn when the water starts seeping in. They have been through so much, and because of MacGyver they were able to take care of all those things that had plagued them. This was different, this was something MacGyver couldn’t fix. In a heart wrenching decision, Zoe decides to sacrifice herself for the greater good. One persons life, instead of all 32 of them. MacGyver stayed with her till the very end. It was one of the most emotional scenes I have seen on this show. The writers certainly know how to hook you in, and break you apart.

They work tirelessly to try to save as many people as they possibly can, this loss is sure to impact MacGyver in a profound way. There is no going back, but the road ahead may prove to be a bumpy one. It will be interesting to see how things evolve from this point forward.

While MacGyver is reeling from the loss, Bozer is gaining something positive in his life. There is this delicate balance that the creators have weaved throughout this story. There is good, with the bad. Leanna and Bozer will work around the new rules that have been set before them, with a blossoming romance, they can’t walk away from that. But who hasn’t broken a few rules to get what they want?

A powerful and poignant episode. This is why the fans keep coming back for more.

A new episode of MacGyver airs at 8/7c on CBS. Friday, December 15th. 

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.