Star (S02E08) "A House Divided"

Carlotta is getting bizzy with Maurice. She seems to like it…and him. He prepares to leave; then takes his pants off again.  😆 #getbizzy 
Cotton creeps in & explains a bruise on her arm to Star. She’ s been with Omari. He goes hard; literally. #kinkystuff

Simone rides up in Ayanna’s car, her new almost foster mother.  They’re all pissed & concerned with this new development. She’s got attitude and probably Xanax 

Da’ brat & Headkrack (themselves) play the Alex & Noah duet on the air, during an interview with all of the Midtown artist. It didnt go well.  I hope AA wins. ‘Sick…and tired of Take 3 AND Noah. #andyandangel

Later, Andy & Angelo accept they’re not the strongest contenders & money is tight.  Jahil encourages a head game. Play up to their weakness & desires;  psyche ’em out & distract.

Back at Midtown,  Star threatens Ayanna, Carlotta threatens Ayanna & Ms Bruce gets dirt on Ayanna. ‘Something about Luther Vandros & back in the day. She gives it to Carlotta. It’s enough to reign Ayanna in, if not shut her down. She doesn’t use it, because Maurice tells her what”s up

Brody comes to see Jahil about Arlene ‘s son. He wants his help in shutting her down. Jahil knocks him out. #knockout 

Simone crushes pills into a glass, when Angel rolls up, asking her to practice with him. They do. It’s nice. In the rehearsal hall, Andy approaches Noah. He taunts & claims  “I can smell a bitch” #psyche The head game is in motion.

Jahil goes to see Arlene. He has the phone. He wants 500k. She promises tomorrow. #payday 💵💸

Carlotta sees Simone. She knows she’s high. She gives her a home pee test. ‘Knowing how to work the system; it’s negative. *snap 
Cotton physically defends Noah when a disgruntled employee threatens him. It was sweet. He’s in love. He was showing her a house …for them @ the time.  Yes! Drop the Omari habit.  Noah can spank you!  #superfreak

Derek asks Alex, what’s up? “Nothing” He knows better. He makes her promise to tell him, when…as “the song” plays on the radio. He turns it off; angry? They’re done methinks; just a matter of time ⏳ Maybe next week. That kiss 😚  #abortion #emotionalcheating  
Arlene brings 500k 💸 cash! She puts a hit on Brody & wants Jahil to do it. As he’s counting the money; Brody pops out of the shadows & stabs her several times. She’s dead! ⚰

My eyes popped WIDE open & my jaw dropped. WHAT?!! 😲 NEVER saw that coming!  …neither did she! #selfdefense He got her before she got him. #karma

Sidebar: I didn’t know SHE put the hit on Jahil that killed Hunter & Eva. #wow Bisch cray 

There is hostility in rehearsal. Carlotta & Maurice give the “wha’up” regarding the needs of Midtown. This showcase is erry body’s last shot; including Ayanna. Daddy wants to shut it down. #noprofits. They get it & they all pull together in this “do or die” Ayanna is pleased. 👏

Omari, limping from the Carlotta shot in the foot, approachs Cotton…& Eliot. #stalking He “bust her out” as his girl & she consciously leaves him #nevermore But Noah leaves her. He can’t do it anymore #hurt  😢

Across town, El Debarge, uh Angel, comes upon Simone. They talk & are actually cute together. They go in for the kiss… Karen shows up. 🙄 #triangle2

Brody shows up while Star is singing Mary’s warm up song. “I cant unlove you” 😍 He comes clean, leaves her phone & an envelope of what looks like cash.  A lot! $$$ He’s sorry & walks away.

Star then “sings” their song..with her mother #Sweet  

It was a good-fast one 👍

Next week actually looks good. It looks like,  Star catches Alexandra kissing…”not Derek!”  

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