The Exorcist (S02E09) "Ritual and Repetition"

As the end draws near, the atmosphere grows darker. The island is slowly decaying, it sets a most unsettling mood. Andy (John Cho) is loose and no one is safe from his wrath. As Marcus (Ben Daniels) follows in the bloody footsteps that have been left by the destructive aftermath, it seems as though hoping for the best is futile.

Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) has captured the time and attention of the ancient evil. He is trapped in his own mind, being lead in circles chasing dead hopes and dreams. But life is different for him now, he knows that he is better suited as an exorcist. The temptations take him back to simpler times, but he’s a changed man. He knows something isn’t quite right, especially when Casey (Hannah Kasulka) makes an appearance. He needs to fight his way back to the surface, before he is lost for good.

The battle for good and evil seem to be an ever-present theme in this episode. The light and dark are fighting for control, and the way the creators have presented this story plays with your mind. There are so many unexpected twists and turns, this is why the show stands out from the rest. The care and attention they put into every little detail is above and beyond.

We finally get a glimpse at the children, who are all alive and well. Andy has convinced them that he has been saved by Marcus and Tomas, but we all know that they are being led into a deadly trap. Shelby (Alex Barima) knows that something is amiss, but he cannot leave Caleb (Hunter Dilon) and Harper (Beatrice Kitsos) behind to deal with the devil. The forest closes in around them, as they are lead to an old shed where Verity (Brianna Hildebrand) and Rose (Li Jun Li) are already tied up, awaiting their fate.

Resistance against Andy is met with more violence as Shelby soon learns. There is no escape, and as the situation takes a dire turn, Rose steps in. If only to give Verity the chance to free herself from the restraints. The demon is angry, and wants to make an example out of Rose. It’s a terrifying sight when she is dangled helplessly over the old well. At the count of ten, she falls into the inky darkness.

Verity is the next one to garner Andy’s focus, as she bolts to freedom. The forest looks as though death has touched it, making everything rot away. Marcus finds his way to the children, freeing them and begging them to get to safety. Although they can’t leave without confirming Rose’s untimely demise. Instead of a floating corpse, Rose is clinging on to life.

Marcus and his impeccable timing save Verity from an early grave. The demon is powerful, but it can’t keep its hold on two people for long. Tomas is starting to fight back and inflict damage upon the evil entity. He refuses to back down, especially when Andy’s soul begs to be saved. He can’t fight for much longer, but Tomas can. Transported back to the land of the living, Tomas is greeted by Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson). Who has come a long way to find him. She is at the right place, at the right time.

The demon has been weakened, but it will surely come back with a vengeance. They are not out of danger yet. One episode remains in this season of The Exorcist, and I am sure there will be more deaths before the time is up.

Will the wicked prevail? Or will the light find a way to break through? We will soon find out.

Rating: 8.5/9
The Season Finale of The Exorcist airs on Friday December, 15th on FOX at 8/9c.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review