Glitch (S02E05) "The Walking Wounded"

Sarah (Emily Barclay) has expertly woven her sob story well enough, that James (Patrick Brammal) doesn’t suspect that she has anything to do with the rising threat to the risen. It’s her turn to complete the task she has been given, and Phil (Rob Collins) has taken it upon himself to help her. The risen are in danger, and they must stick together to enhance their survival.

Paddy (Ned Dennehy) has gotten on the Fitzgerald’s bad side, his refusal to hand over the will and leave town has only angered them more. His brash stubbornness lands him in the basement of his former home, which is slated to be demolished. The quiet darkness invokes more memories of his past, he wasn’t a very nice man, who would often inflict pain upon the ones he loved the most. It puts a different perspective on his story. Although he is rescued by the elder Fitzgerald who finds truth in his “tall tale’s”.

Kirstie (Hannah Monson) is on the move, she needs to confront her killer. Which also happens to be Chris’s (John Leary) brother, Pete (Robert Menzies). Who is paralyzed and lacking his memories from before the car accident which nearly took his life. She wants justice for what happened to her, but she can’t find it in herself to hurt him. Even though whatever happens to him would be well deserved. Slowly the risen are breaking apart with each new memory that surfaces.

While they should be sticking together, each one goes their own way. They are chasing distant memories and trying to find answers, even if it means risking their own lives. Charlie (Sean Keenan) has been running from his own mind since day one, he doesn’t want to relive his former life, but it has caught up with him. The pieces are finally coming together. He wasn’t killed by the war, or murdered, instead he was suffering from Tuberculosis. Taking his suffering into his own hands, he ended his own life.

Reality is harsh and unwelcoming, but each of them need to see these truths. While they battle with their inner demons, Professor Heysen (Pernilla August) and William (Rodger Corser) are working tirelessly to find a way to bring Elishia (Genevieve O’Reilly) back. It proves to be no easy task, even with the answers displayed for them in Elishia’s research. A frequency has to be found, it’s the only thing that will tie it all together. Time isn’t on their side, but with the knowledge and know how, anything is possible.

This is the second last episode in the season, the answers are so close, but there is sure to be more chaos before time is up. Kate (Emma Booth) remembers something important about her death, maybe it wasn’t an accident. She asked Sarah to help end her misery, the pain was too much. In order to find the truth, she had to seek out Sarah, who has her own sinister plan in play. Thanks to James showing up at random, it saved Kate from Sarah’s unknown wrath, but it couldn’t take away the truth. She had a long and painful struggle at the end.

The safe house is no longer safe, now that Phil is lurking in the shadows. Kirstie nearly lost her life, but Chris and James happened to be in the right place at the right time. One threat is locked up behind bars, but they aren’t in the clear yet. Sarah has found her motivation to kill, and nothing will stop her. Paddy just happens to be her first victim, although we don’t know if he is dead or alive yet.

Kate tries to seek refuge at Owen’s (Luke Arnold), but the boundary has receded even more. She can’t get to him, the danger is mounting and there is no escaping their inevitable fate.

Perhaps they will be given another chance. Only the finale will reveal those answers.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review