Life in Pieces (S03E01) "Settlement Pacifier Attic Unsyncing" Season Premiere

The Short family is back and bring the laughs once again.


In the first story, after the season finale when Matt and Colleen got married and had an accident at their honeymoon hotel, they met with the hotel lawyer to settle a settlement. When the lawyer showed them their offer, $2 Million dollars, it was by far the quickest decision they’ve made, even though Jen was not.
After settling the money, they get the family together and pay them back the best way possible, with a cash grab machine. Next they announced to the family that after grabbing their money from the cash grab they’ll take that money and head to Las Vegas. There it was party city in the rental van but Jen gets the news to Matt and Colleen about their settlement that the hotel field for bankruptcy.
It was soon after, Matt and Colleen told the entry family about the news and asked that they wouldn’t open any more champagne and to give them back the money that they grabbed as well. But Tim opened a bottle just after they were done talking.


It’s literally one of the hardest for a parent to do when they try to get their child off the pacifier, but for Jen and Greg, it was memorable.
When Jen and Greg’s daughter is in need of her pacifier to go to sleep, they come to a conclusion that they need to get rid of it with one simple idea: send the pacifier to the pacifier fairy. The next day, they told their daughter about how they need to send her pacifier away or the pacifier monster will come. So they get the family together and throw a pacifier goodbye party and as soon as the pacifier was flying on balloons, it gets stopped by the power lines and its stuck.
That night, the daughter can still see her pacifier hanging from the power line and screams for her parents. Just as you would think that Jen and Greg handled the situation fine, they actually didn’t and are sleeping with their daughter in her crib.


This third story of the episode seemed to be shorter than the rest as it dives into more for Sophia and her grandpa John.
As Heather and her family lost their home due to a fire, they’re living with John and Joan and Sophia isn’t too happy about it. She gets caught by the cops after she’s riding the lawn mower and throwing eggs in the neighborhood. John thinks that she needs to be discipline and does so by having her go up into the attic and see what is making the noises. Just as he checks back with her, she”s gone and tries to get Tank looking for her.
After freaking out a woman and her child, Joan tells John of where Sophia might be where she feels safe and that meant she’s at her house (that got burned). Sophia tells him that she doesn’t know how to live in any other place besides her own house and John replies that his home is her home and not to mention that she is her favorite grandchild. The two hugged and left right after the shelves collapse.


After announced their marriage last season, Tyler makes another announcement to his family about how he and Clementine are getting a divorce. Heather and Tim try to find out why and learn that Tyler and Clementine feel that having to talk boring stuff and having sex five times a week isn’t enough.
So the way Tyler and Clementine have settled their arrangement is that they’ll still be togther as best friends and still have that relationship but only to date other people, for which was easy for her and not for Tyler.
As soon as Tyler drives Clementine to her date, he freaks to his parents about how bad the idea was and how good looking the new guy is.
This episode was really good that had a some really good stories and some that didn’t. The one story that stood out was the Pacifiter one as not only Colin Hanks and Zoe Lister-Jones once again are hilarious but Ana Sophia Heger who plays Lark Short (Greg and Jen’s daughter) really stole the story and probably the episode as well. The other was the Attic with Giselle Eisenberg as Sophia and James Borlin’s Grandpa John having a really good, short moment. The Settlement and Unsynicing was okay but it wasn’t as good as the others. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.
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