Life In Pieces (S03E06) "Waffle Permission Kidless Boyfriend"

Here’s a recap of this week’s episode of Life in Pieces.

“Waffle Party”

When Matt and Colleen have breakfast with Joan and John, Joan asked about their waffle maker that they got for a wedding gift. That lead to Joan offering them a waffle party that Matt and Colleen will bring everything to make the waffles and Joan will bring her and John. But Matt and Colleen didn’t tell them that they gave away their waffle maker and learned from Joan that they put a bundle of cash in their box. That led Matt and Colleen to go wild at a store looking for the money until John opened up their waffle maker that he bought and come to realize that he gave Matt the wrong one after finding the cash in his box.


Nothing says like spending time with mom when your feeling down. Tyler tries to give Clementine space from their place and doesn’t know what to do. Heather takes him to the mall to shopping, getting hair straighten and even the movies.
After it was awkward for Tyler it got to be one of the best times he has had with his mother. That was until they were at the movies.

“A Night Away”

Jen and Greg get to have a night to themselves away from Lark, but ti turns out to be a  real night to remember when things started off slow by drinking wine and playing a game and sleeping through the day and night away. When they get back, as soon as they start to get things going, a baby is screaming next door. Greg tries to be the bigger man and try to make it stop, but instead gets asked by the mother to look after her child as she has to take her youngest to the hospital.
Greg returns to the room with Jen all dressed up and ready but not ready to see Greg with someones child. They try to be good parents but they had some fun with the child by jumping up and down on the bed to playing ding dong ditch.
As they headed back and trying to find the child’s mother, Jen gets an Amber Alert about a missing child and the license plate number looking like Greg’s and come to the conclussion that they shouldn’t have taken the child from the hotel.


“Samantha’s Boyfriend”

When Sam brings her boyfriend home, John and Sophia gets into Tim’s head that they may be doing something else besides studying for a test or a play. It freaks Tim out a lot and tries to do what he can to make sure that he knows that they aren’t doing anything wrong.
After a couple of tries, he comes to realizes that he shouldn’t have listen to John and apologiexs to Sam about his action and they hugged it out. But as soon as she gets back in her room, she kisses her boyfriend after all.
This was a very good episode from start to finished. The stories were really good and each of them stood out on their own. The writng was really good and the performances from the cast was just as good as well. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
You can catch Life in Pieces Thursdays at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.