The Goldbergs (S05E09) "Parents Just Don't Understand"

First of all, apologies for not posting this review any sooner. I was busy listening to the new Goldbergs Mixtape! More on that later.

Inspired by Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s hit “Parents Just Don’t Understand”, Barry and Adam become a rap duo and come up with a similar rap song called “Dad’s Just Don’t Care”. They show their video clip to the JTP, but when they tell the two brothers that the song is very mean about their father, they regret giving a tape of it to Murray. When he sees the clip, Murray calls Barry and Adam out, with Murray bombs and all, for being ungrateful. After this shocking experience, the guys from the JTP start to appreciate their dads more and tell Barry and Adam that they should apologize. As stupid as Barry and Adam are, Prince Fresh Tasty and DJ Addy Ad apologize in the form of another rap song where they praise Murray for paying for things. This only disappoints Murray more because if that’s all they think he does, he may have turned into his father who didn’t care about him at all. Barry and Adam feel bad so they go back and apologize to him for real. No rhymes this time, just words. They tell him that even though he’s not perfect, he is the most dependable dad anybody could ask for. Murray accepts this apology and even gets emotional about it. Murray, Barry and Adam eventually make up by hugging it out and things go back to normal, ending the scene with a familiar phrase: “You guys are morons”.

Meanwhile, Erica is enjoying college life, but this is interrupted by 49 messages Beverly leaves on her machine. Erica doesn’t want to talk to her mother, but Bev keeps trying to get in touch with her, all she wants to know is how her daughter is doing. Even with help of Geoff and Srini, Bev can’t get any information so she decides to head over to Erica’s college, while Erica is planning to have a ‘Girls Just Wanna Drink Rum’ party. The party gets out of hand and Erica tries to shut it down before it gets any worse. Beverly arrives just in time to see Erica be the responsible one at the party. The party comes crashing down when Valley Erica does too. Erica is mad at Bev for coming to her party and tells her that she should stop worrying. But as Beverly is taking care of Valley Erica, Erica realizes that she is very lucky to have Beverly as her mom and apologizes for not answering her calls. They agree that Erica will call Beverly once a day to tell her she’s okay.

This was another very strong episode of The Goldbergs. This season has been really great so far. I loved both raps and video clips Barry and Adam made, but this storyline was filled with amazing scenes. I loved the scene where Murray dropped all the F-bombs and to see the JTP react to that was really hilarious too.

The other storyline was funny as well, with some really crazy scenes. It seems like Bev has gone back to her smothering self a little bit, but as we could hear at the end of the episode, that’s how the real Bev is as well. Her ways of trying to get to talk to Erica, through Geoff and Srini were hilarious. I especially loved the whispering scene between Erica, Valley Erica and Srini and Bev on the phone.

Both storylines ended in a great and heartfelt way. I got a little teary-eyed when Murray got so emotional in the end. I really loved this scene because it is something we don’t get to see of him very often.

Anyway, that dream Murray had in the very last scene of the episode was a real commercial for The Goldbergs Mixtape. You can buy it on iTunes and Amazon or listen to it on Spotify. It’s amazing and you should really check it out!

The Goldbergs returns December 13th for their final episode before the winter break. It’s Hanukkah time Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC!

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