Good Behavior (S02E09) “And I Am a Violent Criminal”

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We are headed full steam towards the finale. And I wish, “I could turn back time”, as Cher would say. Tonight’s episode was written by the Lenore Zion and Sarah Berry and directed by the Doc Crozter.

The Rescue by Louise.

Christian is now named Louise. Letty’s new name is Thelma. They are “Thelma and Louise”. These two have been thru it together. He managed to get Thelma’s text message with the coordinates before her phone died! (Hallelujah!) He is tracking her in the woods. He finds a shoe. (Not good?) Next thing he sees a shirt… “What’s going on? Letty, Jesus.” Christian says to himself. He finds his partner-in-crime! He asks her what happened. Letty can’t remember anything…  Christian sends out an SOS! He gets in touch with Javi on Letty’s phone. He thinks it’s Letty calling him. “Are you okay?” Christian gives him the 411. “Is she okay?” “No, she went off the deep end. She went on a bender.” Christian tells him before Letty went to her friends’ house. (She has no idea Christian is dropping her off at the Jetty’s dream home.) She needs to go on a shopping spree, “the Letty Boucher way”. She asks him for $100 dollars. Instructs Louise to stay put. Thelma’s going on a “five finger discount” spree. She only spends money on a sandwich and a pack of cigarettes. Wait for it, Letty comes out of the shopping mall with a suit case packed with brand new clothes.

“You’d be surprised what you can get with a hundred dollars.” – Letty
“Can I have my money back now?” – Christian

Thelma and Louise have the most unusual friendship. They are totally real with each other. Thelma (Letty) has no idea where Louise (Christian) is dropping her off. SURPRISE! Christian (Louise) wants to know what happened between Javi and Letty (Thelma).
“Is it that difficult to tell someone you’re sorry?” – Christian to Letty (re: Javi)
“Only when I mean it.” – Letty

She rings the doorbell to her new dream house. No one answers. Thelma jimmies the lock open. Once she is inside, “the immense gravity” of Javi’s real gesture of love for her hits her hard.  As she looks around, she sits down comfortably on the floor. We then see Javi at the door. He knocks Letty to the ground.

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“How did you get in?” – Javi
“I broke in.” Letty
“You look bad.” – Javi
“I didn’t mean those things I said.” – Letty
“You need a shower.” – Javi

You know when you have that horrible fight. You say things you shouldn’t have said and you wish you could take everything back. And you wonder, if everything could ever be the same again? Somehow you get back to that place. I’m realizing that is what these two have together. Jetty always finds their way back to other. No matter what. They take a make-up shower together. I loved the song that was playing. “I think I’m lost without you.”  This show always has the best music! Letty asks why there is a gun in the house. Javi informs her that he had to kill Teo. In which Letty responded, “Didn’t you already do that?” He keeps explaining to her what happened. He just blew everyone’s head off because he wanted the family business. He killed Silk because he wanted Ava. He wants to kill you and me.

My heart. My heart attacks.

“That’s why, the house is in your name. That’s why the house is yours.” – Javi to Letty
“Look at me. There’s a chance Teo will kill me before I kill him… Just in case, I wanted you to have a home. Somewhere where you can be happy. Somewhere permanent… where Jacob’s room is always Jacob’s room.” – Javi
“What happens if you don’t die?” – Letty
“Maybe you let me live here with you.” – Javi

When I heard all of this, I nearly fainted. We all know Javi loves Letty. Actions speak louder than words for some people. It’s his selfless expression of love by providing for her and Jacob. In this moment made me extremely verklempt. Adding in the fact, they could be a family together, Javi, Letty and Jacob. #WINNING. I nearly could have died from the happiness overload. Anyone who denies they shouldn’t be together is not watching the same show as we are. Letty is hungry. Javi doesn’t want her going out. They are dealing with a great threat hanging over their heads, Teo. Until he eliminates him, she must eat whatever is in there. He bought “Girl Scout Cookies”. The “Lemon Ones”. Letty says, “You don’t have THIN MINTS?” (I agree girlfriend, what a sacrilege!) Letty’s phone rings.

Blame it on Jacob? Letty?

Yay! We have a Rob sighting! Rob and Estelle see his newest tractor crashed. I loved how Rob names everything. Estelle suggest they name it Jacob, since he was the likely culprit that crashed it. (BOO! Estelle.) Christian (aka Louise) takes Letty (aka Thelma) to see Estelle. Can you believe this woman?

“I rather her not see her son, while she is crawling out of her cat hole.” – Estelle to Christian
(Estelle closes the door.)
I love our Louise! “I’m right here now. If that’s your mother…” (He is a true-blue friend to the end!)
Estelle comes back out. “I wish I could give you something that could save you from yourself. I really could.” – Estelle
Jacob doesn’t want to be blamed for wrecking Rob’s newest tractor. What does Estelle do? She tells a story of Letty, when she was his age. “Digging around for tampons in her purse.” Estelle, tell maybe a different and better story? (LOL) Estelle wants to know if Letty is safe. They are talking about when Letty was a kid. “I didn’t do so well with you.” Estelle says, “Why? Because I’d mess everything up.” – Letty
She tries explaining it was never about Estelle. Jacob is different from Letty. He likes structure and rules. A nice bonding moment between Estelle and Letty. “You were a good kid sometimes.”

Siblings: They’re complicated.

Javi sees the cactus that Carlos gave him before he died… He leaves the love nest and goes to visit Ava at the restaurant. For the first time ever, I don’t trust Ava. They are talking. She is telling Javi how Papi gave her own restaurant, so he can run drugs out of it… (WHAT HAPPENED TO THE AVA. THE ONE WE KNEW WHO WAS AGAINST ASSASSINS AND DRUGS?) She is leaving with the girls and going to Argentina. So suddenly?

“Papi was a violent criminal. I was sleeping with a violent criminal, Teo.” – Ava
“I AM a violent criminal.” – Javi

I believe this was said to Ava for the first time as a warning. Javi has lost trust in so many people. (including her). He had put her on notice and warned her. He believes she is aligned with Papi and Teo. Why else would she be taking the girls and fleeing to Argentina? Is it really safe there? Is it safe anywhere?

giphy luca brasi sleeping with the fishes dec 11 17 - Good Behavior (S02E09) “And I Am a Violent Criminal”

(Is this the Spanish Godfather?)
Javi goes deep cover into Ava’s restaurant. Wait, this is weird. He’s looking to see what’s going on. OMG! They are smuggling coke and heroin in with the fishes!  Who is going to die next? Major anvil dropped here. She is still smuggling the drugs in the restaurant. Does this mean that Papi isn’t muerte. (dead). Teo either…  Javi writes a note leaves it inside the box presumably for Teo. Meanwhile, Javi drops off the drugs to a storage locker #32.
“Rooster’s Breakfast House”.
Javi pulls up there. This is where he is supposed to meet Teo. Yet, something seems off. I KNEW IT! Teo is going to Jetty’s HOUSE!!! He is going after the person Javi loves most: Letty.
“You don’t have any bottled water?” – Teo to Letty

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Meanwhile, Javi’s texting Letty. Then he realizes something is wrong when she texts back… He knows something wrong. When she texts back that she wants “A garden green salad.” He flies back to the house in the Range Rover. He should have known from the beginning not to leave her there alone.

I couldn’t believe someone as highly skilled and savvy as Javi would go to the dinner. “Always be 100 steps ahead of your enemy.” How could he possibly think he would meet him at the dinner? The first place he’d go would be back to the house. Try to kill everything he loves. (My heart was pounding at this point. I am not going to lie. I know Letty though. Her tenacity to want to live.

She would not let this murderer get the best of her. Remember what I wrote in my random thoughts last week?) This jackal is taunting her. Why its important to keep water in the house. In case of emergencies. He is telling her a story about sailors lost at sea. How they eventually became cannibals. “I am the last man on the boat.” I wouldn’t be so sure about that, Teo. In a moment of pause, Letty goes towards the cactus plant and smashes him in the face with it. Then gets the gun from her purse and fires away! It was not even a moment later that the security guard for the property arrives. Ever hear of knocking? She shoots him too.

Panicked and totally in shock, Letty just stands there. Javi pulls up. He can’t believe what he sees. 2 dead bodies.
And I Am a Violent Criminal now applies to Letty too. The writers are brilliant.

Good Behavior (S02E09) And I Am a Violent Criminal Random Musings:

  • Javi and Letty will be on the run. Will they be able to escape all their enemies? Papi and Ava and what’s ahead? (I say YES).
  • Do you sense any traitors amongst the family? (Estelle, Rob, Christopher, Agent Lashever, Jacob? Ava? Anyone else… I say possibly 1 of these.)
  • Who will face the wraith of Letty next? Ava, Papi a new enemy? Will this be season 3 storyarc to tell. You don’t mess with Letty’s man.
  • BLOWN AWAY BY THIS EPISODE! Congrats go to Lenore Zion, Sandra Berry, Doc Crotzer and Chad Hodge! Your entire crew. A HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego-Botto, Terry Kinney, Joey Kern, Lusia Strus, Nyles Steele, Maria Botto and Juan Riedinger.

Hope you enjoyed my review. Until next week. The finale! Can you believe it’s here already?