Lucifer (S03E09) "The Sinnerman"

Let’s not forget this episode is a thrilling first part of a two-parter, and it was great. Considering this is a two-parter, I’ll give it a joint grade on the next episode’s review. Directed by Marisol Adler and written by Jenny Kao, this episode finally introduces the Sinnerman, or does it? Your call. One interesting thing to notice is that this episode, in matters of filming, the way in which it was shot, has a different feel from the other episodes.

The Sinnerman. This name has been around for a while. But this time we are not only introduced to him but also does the Detective, in a way. Let’s start from the beginning. The cases of the week (this time there are two) are the killing of two recipients of Lucifer’s favors: Joey Pileggi (Andy Cohen) who Lucifer introduced to the Mafia and got an internship with the mobs for and Frida Marquez, who Lucifer helped build a very successful career as a hairstylist. I’ll come back to the Sinnerman part of the story later.

In this episode, we can see relationships develop and take new, exciting and surprising turns. I have to admit that I thought Amenadiel and Linda were going to take their relationship to the next level last episode when they were laying down on the beach. I don’t know if they will have a fling, a relationship or just remain friends, but they have some spark, some chemistry that makes me wonder if they would ever have something happen between them and if they did, how would it be. It will be fun to see where this relationship is heading to, especially now that Mazikeen is back in town and seems to be jealous of the new relationship the Doctor and Amenadiel are having. Although later Linda tells Maze not to worry, it’s going to be interesting to see how things go from here.

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Another relationship developing is the one between Chloe and the Lieutenant Marcus Pierce. Although not seeming completely natural, during the episode we see their relationship develop fast, far more quickly than the Detective’s relationship with Lucifer. Chloe and Marcus have a lot in common, as we learn. For example, Chloe lost her father years ago, shot while on duty, and Marcus had his brother killed by the Sinnerman. Ella seemed surprised that nothing was going on between the Lieutenant and the Detective yet, even telling Chloe they have chemistry. Considering Lucifer’s jealousy is one of the themes of this season, this might contribute to making Lucifer feel that way, as he might think Chloe is distancing herself from him and getting closer to Marcus. But for now, the Sinnerman has got Lucifer’s undivided attention. Obsessed Lucifer may do something really dark in order to eliminate the man (or Celestial being, maybe?) who gave his wings back and took away his devil face, and by doing that, he might make Chloe and other dear people to him doubt if they really know him. Following this thought, we may see Lucifer unconsciously help spark something between the Detective and the Lieutenant. Something feels weird about Marcus though, and we might find out some surprising things about him. I feel answers are coming this way.

Also worth noticing is Charlotte insisting on being good. She quit her job and is now part of the District Attorney’s Office, which means now she’s a prosecutor and will be working with Lucifer, Dan, Ella, and Chloe, as well as the LAPD, instead of working against them. We even get to see her participating in some parts of the investigation this time, helping Chloe when she goes to talk to the mobsters. Charlotte will prove to be a good asset to the LAPD, considering she once defended the criminals and has some useful connections, such as Frankie Ferrante (Andy Davoli), the mobster Lucifer also knows and introduced to the first victim, Joey Pileggi. Charlotte is still struggling to know if she’s doing the right thing and thinks she’s not helping anyone, but she’s gradually changing and needs to know that people don’t change overnight, as Dan said. I feel for her, and think she’s a wonderful character. I look forward to seeing more of her, and who knows, maybe her relationship with Dan can develop into something more than friendship. There’s a possibility, and I’m all for it.

I saved the best for last. The Sinnerman. We still don’t know much about him, but we definitely know he knows how to push Lucifer’s buttons. The Sinnerman (Kevin Carroll) is an enigmatic character, who seems to be after Lucifer for a reason still unknown to us. First, he kidnapped Lucifer, then gave him his wings back, took away his devil face somehow, and now is killing recipients of his favors. Naturally, as the first part of a two-parter often does, this episode raised more questions about the Sinnerman than answered. It’s worth noticing that the Sinnerman has his own modus operandi, and also acts in not usual fashion, as we see when he first appears on the screen. We also remember he killed someone dear to the Lieutenant, and in this episode, Marcus admits the Sinnerman’s existence in front of Chloe, who still doesn’t believe he is real, at first. It seems odd I don’t have much to talk about him now, even because the episode is called “The Sinnerman”, but that is because we don’t know much about him yet. But worry not, this midseason finale might answer some questions and give us some direction.

I don’t usually write much about the acting, directing, writing and such, but I needed to add some lines in order to praise all the actors on Lucifer for doing a tremendous job. Crew, directors and writers, you also do wonders writing a story so interesting and full of twists and turns it keeps up on the edge of our seats every Monday night. The humor and the music were also on point. Next episode is the midseason finale “The Sin Bin”, so don’t miss it!