Family Guy (S16E09) "Don’t Be a Dickens at Christmas"

Because it’s Christmas time & the Holy Season, this episode is a tribute to Charles Dickens’, “A Christmas Story” …kinda’ & who’s on the Seth Carpet,  mostly

#sethcarpet is being put on blast in jest…or not! 😉

First off we have Matt McConaughy. Singing “Jingle Bells”  while driving in his Lincoln (a sponsor) with 2 people bound & gagged on the back seat. uh?! Lincoln; what are we doing?  #matthewmcconanahy #wtf

Back @ the house, the family is decorating. Meg puts the Kanye Kanes in the stockings & #kanyewest talks 💩 that only makes sense to him.  #Anthropomorphic candy canes. Family Guy; what are we doing?!

Sidebar: Chris had a stillborn twin named…’tmas? I never knew!

At the Drunken Clam, Peter & the guys, listen to the telly & Norm McDonald’s (himself)-(who?!) reading of , “Twas the Night Before Christmas” He goes on a non sensical rant, about donuts & gets fired.  He takes a jab @ OJ Simpson, why Because he “twas” Again, why?! #tragedy

In Holiday & family tradition, Cleveland, decides to go home to listen to their favorite holiday album “A Very Slow Christmas” &  Peabo Bryson’s “O Holy Night”   It’s an attempt to mock how long Peabo can hold a note 🎤🎵 this one song is the whole album. But Peabo can sang the Jeopardy Jingle & it works for  me 🎶🎤👊  #PeaboBryson.  #justsang 😍

The mention of singing reminds Peter to get out before the carollers come; too late. They’re here! ‘coming thru the door as he speaks. They are surrounded.

Quagmire is caught & now leads the pack singing , “Hallelujah!” Joe is caught later, Peter gets away.

Peter’s  desire to watch “Christmas in Wonderland” an old Patrick Swayze movie (Rest in Paradise)  & his mancrush is thwarted when

Lois has a mile long list of  “honey do this”  & a demand they feed the homeless.  Since they have no gifts to exchange, he refuses. He doesn’t want , bags full of bags full of bags in a gift exhange. #coldblooded 

Lois is fed up! She, the kids & BrIan go to Newport for a Pewterschmidt holiday. Peter falls asleep, watching the movie.
Then Patrick’s ghost appears to help him recapture the true spirit of Christmas. Peter’s in love 😍 #mancrush & the Dickens’ tale begins. #roadhouse

As in the Dickens classic; Christmas past: present. & future is visited. The past & much of the present is unremarkable. Peter eats cookies as a fat kid & Pewterschmidts are eating Boston Market in Newport for the holiday.

However, In the future Lois is remarried to a young man with a young, fit body named, Lance. Peter’s dead and Brian sits on his grave.

Patrick turns Peter on the pottery wheel, “Ghost” style; shaping his (future) Perhaps this is how Jonah Hill was made #sethccarpet

Peter has his, “Come to Jesus” when Brian’s farts rise as  ghost Peters; each one  formed…and smelling like the garbage Brian ate that day.

The ghost of Peter-tampon, Peter-poo & other garbage, circle & surround him crying , “Please Peter” He whimpers, cries & surrenders, finally understanding, the spirit(s) of Christmas.

He then arrives in Newport with hastily bought gifts from CVS, that were useless or of no value. A Robin Williams (Rest in Paradise) mag for Chris, a styrofoam cooler for Stewie, “I ❤ Road Inland” sweat shirt, 2 sizes too small for Brian, a lawn chair for Lois and a clock radio with an ipod jack,  for  the ipods they don’ make any more, for Meg.

Patrick shows up wanting to do something with Peter that Chris Farley (Rest in Paradise) won’t do with him. So they dance to Loverboy’s, “Working For The Weekend” as the family watches him dance, in disbelief …by himself; alone.

Carter continues to pass out gifts, bending over to show his “2 eggs and a hankerchief ” 😄  Cute episode.

Family Guy airs, Sundays @ 9:00 p.m, returning January 8, 2018

Happy Holy Days 🎄