Chicago Med (S03E04) "Naughty Or Nice"

Twas the holiday in the air at Chicago Med and all the doctors and nurses were doing their best to bring in the holiday cheer.  Okay, I’m not Charles Dicksens, but give me little credit to come up with that passage for this week’s episode of Chicago Med.
With Christmas just around the corner, the doctors and nursed at Chicago Med face with challenges that will define their valves both professional and personally. Let’s start with Dr. Charles as he gets news about Kellogg, the man who shot him, was found dead in prison. With the new Goodwin think that Charles should a take a couple of days off to clear the air but instead takes on a patient who comes in pretty loony. But when Dr. Choi learns that the patient killed a priest, it didn’t settle with Charles as the patient freaked out and shocks him with the electric pedals. Of course, Charles tries to treat the patient the way he wanted to try with Kellogg, but after a check up from Reese, who feels very bad about Kellogg death, Charles takes Goodwin’s offer on taking a break.

April and Noah butted heads while taking care of a patient that has a sister who’s a bit bossy. With April trying to help Noah on the orders and helps but Noah sees that she doesn’t think he knows it. Seeing that the patient has the same symptoms as other patients in Chicago, it turned out with the help from Robyn that the Christmas tree that the patient got was inflect with back bacteria from bad soil. Weird, right? But in the end, April and Noah do forgive one another and have a nice moment looking at the brother and sister that they helped.

Manning and Halstead were faced with the challenge when it comes to informing a health risk. Manning treating a pregnant woman for a check up and coming to find out that it was braxton hicks contractions.  Meanwhile, Halstead meets with the pregnant woman’s husband, who looked pale as a zombie, gets a work up with the results showing that he has zika virus. The husband admitted to Halstead that he was away with another woman and demanded to him that he will not tell his wife about it, because he’s a lawyer. Halstead tells Manning about it and Manning tries to tell the wife as they leave but Halstead comes in with the last second save as he called the CDC to handle it.

Meanwhile, while it’s Robyn’s first day back, she works with April and Noah about the outbreak case. She seemed to hear noises in her office thinking that her mental state isn’t well again. But after running test with Reese, it showed nothing wrong at all. And it turned out to be nothing and learned that the noises from her office was the air events getting fixed.
While Robyn was working and worry, Rhodes takes on a patient that fell off the ladder and had his organs move in places where fecal matter was in the patient’s lungs. But he and Bekker teams up to fix the patient up and as one of the nurses says their like Jordan and Pippen as I second that with their really good chemistry, even thought there still seem to be some bad blood there.

And not to mention, Goodwin faces challenges of the hospital broken system once again when Santa, who was waiting in the waiting room, died and his family was billed with a $1600 bill. Goodwin takes it with the Troll about it and feels that they should pay it. Goodwin takes it to the board and got the bill taken off. But the Board didn’t like the way Goodwin did that and might be thinking of removing her from her job.

“Naughty or Nice” was a very interesting, intense (at times) and joyful hour of television. There’s were some good character growth and really good continued story line of Charles and even Reese with the Kellogg story. I though that this was Dr. Charles best episode. Even though, I’m loving the #Manstead story going, I’m really like the chemistry between Rhodes and Bekker. I can’t wait to see where these two along with Robyn will go. The writing was so good and the performance from Platt was really good. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10.

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