Glitch (S02E06) "The Letter"

The season finale of Glitch certainly makes an impact on the viewer. It is an emotional roller-coaster, yet we find that we are no closer to the why’s. Although subtle information snippets are revealed, there is nothing that holds a solid answer. It makes me hope that there will be a season 3 of this brilliant show.

As the boundary closes around the risen, they must seek refuge elsewhere. With Phil (Rob Collins) locked up, they find they are still in danger. Paddy (Ned Dennehy) is dead, but that means someone else is out there ready to end their renewed lives. None of them are willing to give up without a fight, so they find themselves behind the fortified walls of Noregard, it seems to be right where Professor Heysen (Pernilla August) wants them.

With Jame’s (Patrick Brammall) attention focused elsewhere, it doesn’t take Sarah long to free Phil from his cell. They have a mission to complete, and it has already been stalled for far too long. The balance has been interrupted, between life and death, and they are supposed to restore the natural order of things. Death will come for them all, and they will disappear as ashes upon the wind.

Beau (Aaron McGrath) has been impacted greatly by the loss of his dear friend, and distant relative, Paddy. His death wasn’t in vain, this one seems to actually have a happy ending. The Matriarch of the existing Fitzgerald clan made a very lucrative deal with Beau and his family. Two million dollars later and their lives have been changed for the better. It’s good to see this positive happen when chaos has reigned supreme.

The discovery of Phil’s escape forces James to confront that little voice in the back of his mind, Sarah (Emily Barclay) isn’t who she claims to be. It’s a harsh reality, especially when Sarah and Phil have found where the risen are being held for “safe keeping”. Sarah died on the operating table and she was never coming back. There is a lot of heartbreak in this episode, the writers really know how to draw the audience in.

The risen are in trouble, and there seems to be no escaping their fate. Sarah, who seems to be conflicted about her task, shoots Charlie (Sean Keenan), making their getaway agonizingly slow. A lucky break allows them to find safety in a van that just so happens to have its keys in the ignition. They have a chance, although Phil and Sarah are in hot pursuit.

There is nowhere else to turn, aside from where it all began. Professor Heysen and William (Rodger Corser) are already at the cemetery when the risen arrive. They are trying to recreate Elishia’s (Genevieve O’Reilly) experiment, and bring her back to the land of the living. They shroud themselves in darkness when the learn of the looming threat. It makes for some very tense moments, and you don’t know who is going to come out of this conflict alive.

Death is imminent, for each and every one of them. A surprising twist has Sarah shooting Phil because of his threat on Jame’s life. In return, she was fatally wounded. The danger is lifted, and the experiment seems to have worked, although Elishia did not miraculously arise from her doom. The boundary has been widened. The nightmare is over, at least for now.

There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered, no one knows the why, but now that they know the how they are a few steps closer to the truth. Professor Heysen knows more than she is willing to let on, insisting to examine Phil’s body instead of destroying it. There is something sinister about her, and I hope we are going to get another season to get to the bottom of the mysteries.

Now what? Can they possibly slip into an uncomplicated way of life, and do something more with the days they have been gifted? That wouldn’t make for a very interesting story. I would go into some of the other twists and turns, but there were so many in this episode I couldn’t possibly divulge them all. That is why you must watch it for yourself.

We certainly need more of this groundbreaking show.