NCISNOLA (S04E10) "Mirror, Mirror"

At the pumping station, on the bridge, a seabee is attacked by a drone. He’s hit on the forearm by the propeller, loses his balance & falls into the water. He’s trapped on the gate from the pressure on the pump. Suctioned; he drowns


Pride is meeting with his therapist. There is some improvement. She’s patient as she waits for more. He gets the call regarding the seabee & is saved by the bell. 

The dead is Isaac Newell.  What?! He’s not in jail for his role in the Clearwater crimes? He’s out with his old job back! He had to have cut a deal and he was killed for it.

Rita Devereaux (Chelsea Field) shows up. (Still don’t  like her) from The DOJ. She comes with news: Hamilton (Steve Weber) is about to make a deal. He’s getting out.  He’s giving up his mystery partner. It’s his get out of jail card.  #snitch  

Pride wants to find the partner first, so Hamilton, loses his barging chip. They have 24 hours 

At the same prison is Cassius Pride (Stacy Keach) in a side story. He’s up for parole…again. And Pride doesn’t care. Dwayne goes to see Hamilton in his orange, sees Pops in passing & doesn”t even nod. 🤔 What did he do?

Hamilton is tickled; ecstatic, he’ s getting out! He gloats & goats  “Deal with that!” “Tomorrow I’m a free man”.    

Charlie Fournier (Taylor Sele) Investigator for the DA, is officially a suspect for Newell’s death. Hamilton & his gang are respondible for his wife’s death, so blood for blood. #revenge #payback

Pride, akways quick on his feet, asks Headquarters to fire him.  He’ll go undercover, without going rogue. He wants to get close to Fournier, who is contracted to kill Hamilton, too. He’ll convince Charles to let him do it. He did; easily convinced. Pride has Hamilton history 

I must admit, I wasnt prepared for more Clearwater. It was well done & the threads were seamless, tying together various stories under the same umbrella.  I just didn’t need more of it. Although it was good to see the rascally Hamilton again, I have had enough of Clearwater. 

Never the less; It’s 3 p.m. & court’s in session. Assistant U. S Attorney, Ms Jan Schumaker (Leigh Ann Larkin) opens the case & then makes an excuse to leave the room. Fournier is ready. Pride wants to know, how?!

An alarm goes off (fire) Errybody scurries. Hamilton is taken to a side room & handcuffed to the radiator or something immovable. Fournier & Pride enter. #hitman 

Fournier gives Pride the go ahead to shoot Hamilton. But Pride turns the gun on Fournier, demanding he give up the Mystery Man.

Fournier is shouting, “what!- are you kidding me?!”  Just before he is shot & killed by… Schumaker! What?! And I’m back! ‘Never saw that comin! 👏

The courthouse is in disaray. Shumaker tells the guards, Pride is the shooter as she walks away, quickly in the other direction. All hell is breaking loose & Pride runs…with Hamilton. Then right here; I’ m all in!  

A BOLO is out for Pride. Just like before #hotmess  But if they can find who shot Fournier, Pride can come home.

They go to the home of Schumaker & the real Schumaker is dead, murdered, Her ID stolen. There’s a hitman  out…a woman. 😎 Right on 👊 #equalopportunity

But probably the best part of the episode was when Hamilton is talking 💩 to Dwayne; who takes him back to the beginning; Clearwater & the levys.

Hamilton’s calling him out on not having the balls, to shoot him & “yada” Pride concedes, walks away & Hamilton, now yelling  @ Pride. & still talking 💩 falls into the water! Oops! “L” on the forehead

 Pride saved him & Hamilton still talks 💩 Gotta love him, can’t kill him!

Thru a series of events, A sitting judge is the big bad. It’s a big win for NCIS AND Isler.

Finally, Pride is officially cleared & he celebrates by going to see his dad, Cassius, who is paroled. Dwayne helped. He realized he didn’t have to try to make up for the hurt & disappointmens of his dad. #therapy They’re both free, now! 

Cheesy, but it works for the Holidays 🎄🎉 

NCIS New Orleans airs, Tuesdays @ 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time