The Gifted (S01E10) “eXploited”

This week’s fall finale has certainly left us clamouring for more and thankfully we won’t have to wait long. The series picks up in January, where we will discover the consequences of this episodes actions.

Esme continues to manipulate the Mutant Underground for her own means, this time focusing on the Strucker’s. She sends them straight into the hands of the enemy, and while risky does somewhat work. One must give credit to how masterfully she can use her wits and abilities to control situations, but her Frost-y heart is certainly shining through. She seems to have very little regard for anyone other than her family. This is in stark contrast to most of the Underground, whom are all willing to lay down their lives for other mutants and allied humans. They carefully plan for the least amount of casualties but not everyone always makes it out.

Tragedy continued to unfold for the Strucker siblings, as the mad doctor sets his sights on their fusion abilities. They predictably refuse to cooperate, hoping that stubbornness will buy them time. Unfortunately they underestimate their enemy who is willing to do anything to achieve his goal. This sadly leads to us losing Dreamer, though her death is sure to reverberate through the rest of the season. John will not take the news lightly, and Clarice is sure to vow revenge. They both tend to act rashly when angered so the two of them together is sure to be explosive. Add in the rest of the Underground and it’s guaranteed to be a real fight.

Time will tell which will be the bigger threat between Esme and Dr. Campbell, as it seems our intrepid heroes have enemies on all sides. Hopefully such serious threats will prompt more mutants to step forward, or even a possible reemergence of our beloved X-Men. The new year certainly can not come quick enough!