Jean Claude Van Johnson premieres

The show is based on the premise on what if Van Damme is using his acting career as a smokescreen for his real job: A covert black-ops agent who’s operated all over the world since the 1980s.
The show takes place in the present day where the actor finds himself burned out, thanks to the years he spent in Hollywood making a name for himself as an actor away from his native Belgium.
After coming out of retirement, both as an actor and an undercover operative, he’s trying to get back in the game for a woman. The two used to work together and even fell in love, but he broke her heart and that was the end of everything. When he decides to win her back, Van Damme contacts his old handler and works his way into Vanessa’s latest assignment.
During the day, he’ll star in a modern action adaptation of Huckleberry Finn and by night he’s tracking a new drug to its source.
All episodes available on Amazon Prime.