Van Helsing (S02E10) "Base Pair"

Alright so, we had another bad ass episode that was all focused on Vanessa (Kelly Overton) which I was super happy about. I’m glad we were able to get an episode all about Vanessa and to have it focused on the back story of Vanessa’s mother. But mainly the story in today’s episode was all about Vanessa and I know every fan of the show was incredibly happy about that.

So with this episode we see that Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is having the visions increased to a level of happening every second she sleeps. Which must mean that she must be really close or in a close proximity of the location of the Elder. Which begs us the question, who is the Elder (Keith Arbuthnot)? We found out in this episode that the Elder is the very first vampire, who is pure evil. More evil than Dimitri (Paul Johansson) so you know that this Elder is one not to be dealt with lightly. But the way how they talk about the Elder, it makes me wonder if the Elder is Dracula! Now that would be an interesting twist to have the Elder as Dracula and have Dracula tell Vanessa about how her ancestor and Dracula had all these battles throughout the centuries or something like that. You have to admit that would be pretty awesome!

Now I have to admit, this woman named Abigail (Colleen Winton) she literally didn’t seem like the betrayal type but I guess anything is possible in the world of Van Helsing series. I mean the way how she played her role so much its like “whats your end game Abigail?” And sure enough we did get a big betrayal and all this time I really thought it was going to be Dr. Bruce Harrison (John Reardon) who would betray Vanessa and turn out to be an evil scientist or something. But no, it had to be Abigail who was the insane evil scientist. But its okay, I’m sure when Vanessa wakes up from being shot all those times that she is going to kill Abigail, you never know Vanessa might even rip out Abigail’s heart and be all like “thats what you get for trying to kill me” I know I have a wild imagination.

Now it makes me wonder, what happens if Vanessa goes into another deep long sleep after being shot all those times and they bring Scarlett and company to the facility to find Vanessa’s body. And Scarlett ends up doing what Abigail and the others want and go to the Elder, where Scarlett begins the fight against the Elder but the Elder escapes and then Vanessa wakes up just in time for the war against the Elder. Which if they did this theory then season 3 would be all about taking down the Elder and fighting the war against him or her, we really don’t know the sex of the Elder, it would be weird if the Elder was Mina the love obsession of Dracula. But hey, you never know what might happen in the world of Van Helsing!

With this being the tenth episode we only have three episodes left people, three! We need this series to be renewed! That way we can get more bad ass Vanessa and Scarlett (Missy Peregrym) duo bad ass-ness! You have to admit it would be awesome to have the next season focused on both sisters with the group. But in order for this to happen we need Syfy to renew this series. I know they will probably do what they did last season which is wait for the final episode and then reveal their answer. But we need more seasons; we need like six more seasons out of this series or eight if you think we can make it to ten seasons of awesome story telling. I’m sure we could make it up to ten seasons which if we did it would be a new record for Syfy channel. Cause their usual run for series is at least up to five seasons and then be done with the series. And we can’t allow that to happen to this series.

We can’t allow this series to end up being another Dominion series where it did great for two seasons with a huge fan base and then got canceled at the season 2 finale. I mean if this happens I will never forgive Syfy channel! But I guess we will have to wait and see and keep our voices high to keep this series alive!

Next Episode: Van Helsing(S02E11): “Be True” airs Thursday December 21, 2017 at 9/8c on Syfy Channel