Bull (S02E10) "Home for the Holidays"

A little girl is walking through the airport, boarding without an adult escort. She claims her parents are already on the plane.  “Nope!” she is all alone & escorted to security. 

Eventually, the nanny, April (Lauren Donahue) picks her up. So who bought her ticket in the 1st place?  She had her passport. Going  #international

Meanwhile, back at TAC, Bull is in good spirits.  He’s defending a patent case, worth too many zeros to put here. 💰They have 5 days to put it together. It’s Christmas week & he doesn’t care.  #bahhumbug

However in his office he finds, a little girl. Her name is Charlie Kensington  (Annabelle Wachtel)  & she wants to hire Bull to divorce her from her parents. Bull pretty much tells her to come back when she’s older, in about 7 years. He needs something to work the system #age

Thinking she’s in agreement, Charlie’s “given” to Marissa, (who has her own problems) to get her home.  Found crying by Benny, she’s forced to tell him the gist of her tears.  He suggests she seek the help of professionals…Danny & Cable

After several hours, nobody is home to pick up Charlie, so Bull takes her. He stays til her dad gets in, falling asleep on the couch.  Rex Kensington (Ian Kahn) arrives @ 2:30 a.m. Bull is found asleep & Rex threatens to call the Po Po. #police And I’m asking, where’s the wife/mother?

This child is “Home Alone” in New York City.  Bull’s touched & surmises; with Benny on  the patent case, he takes up Charlie’s cause.  She’s 9 years old, yet all ain’t what it seems #clevergirl Bull stops by family court & talks to a judge. 

 Judge Sullivan  (Mark Zeigler) has a history of being 💯 about the kids. Given the situation & being so close to the Holy Days, he removes the child from the house & appoints Bull as guardian. He’s a licensed psychologist. He’s the guy;  …reluctantly

Sidebar:  Mom died 3 years ago & she said, “divorce my parents”  🤔

Back to the court case, that’s paying the bills: Benny’s going with “Inevitable Over Lap”  #apple #Samsung  Bull, somewhere in ths episode was making calls for hard proof of this “Inevitable” theory. He may have enough validation from other professionals.

However, the challenges of being a single, working guardian is like being a working dad. Bull is brought to task, when April quits & Bull has to be in 2 places @ the same time. Like any good working parent, he tried & didn’t make it! 😆

@9:30 & half way through the episode, we’re back to the story of most interest to me. We all know, it’s Christmas & the family would be reunited, complete with Santa & presents. How the ladies would capture a very slippery snake, had me.

Marissa, Cable & Danny track “Kyle” who is really Robert Allen.  He’s good & left nothing in her apartment to track him. Not even a toothbrush!  

However, he did drink her tequila, straight from the bottle. #manlyman & she has fingerprints!

 Marissa finds, he really just wanted a passport, her Homeland Security connections was his ticket. The $75k & credit cards were just the cherry on top. 

Robert’s in the islands, laundering money (?) working. He has a wife & 3 kids in New York  He came home for Christmas. Marissa, head down & dressed like a limo driver, holds a sign, “Robert Allen” He joyously approaches, glad to be home for the Holy Days, after working Sooo hard!  

But then the sign is turned; “Kyle Anderson” What?! He looks into the face of Marissa & hears the FBI! “You’re under arrest” 👊 #gotcha  #sweet  

Yes, Bull dresses up like Santa, fat belly & all to surprise,  Charlie.  #softy

🎄”And to All a Good Night”  ⛄🎊

Bull airs,  Tuesdays @ 9:00 p.m. Pacific Time