Empire (S04E09) "Slave to Memory"

It’s the mid sesson finale & in this corner, weighing in @ New Money are The Lyons. They challenge The Dubois, Old Money, Position, Power. 💪

It’s Funk Flex & Andre sings , “Super Star” 🎤🎶😍 He stops & calls for his Pop. He’ s in his own world. He’s strapped, waiting for the psychotropic drugs to exit his body & mind  He’s had a psychotic break. Lucious vows blood for blood, tooth for tooth. #oldtestament #midevil.

Sidebar: Andre, the non singing/musical Lyon is clearly for storyline purposes! 🎤

It’s the Captain’s Ball. Diana prepares for a great, grand & glorious come back. Everything’s in place.  ALL staff is vetted. The Lyon’s can’t get in. #uninvited

Across town, It’s Eddie’s “going away” party! Lucious is back & the need for consultation is over. To ensure Lucious is ready,  Eddie calls Lucious over to go ol”school  & sang with him, Sam & Dave’s “I Thank You”  🎤 It was ok. They had fun. 

The Lyons want to crash the Captain’s Ball to retaliate. All staff being vetted, Thirsty is dry on ideas. Lucious, playing something classical, soft & nice, casually says, “Music gets us in” #manwithaplan

TH is really good as the chilled Lucious. I hope some residual of this cool remains as the old Lyon resurfaces 😎

Becky is whimpering & slaps Thirsty for no apparent reason, other than his request to comfort. He then asks, “who’s the daddy? ” #jpoppa

Warren pays $10k to the doorman to see Jamal. It’s all the money, Aunt Diana paid him to break Jamal’s heart. He doesnt care. Jamal demands he leave, until Warren has something to tell him.

Cookie & Lucious, unable to get past the thug life, kidnap Angelo. They want him to sign a “confession” that Diana was behind the shenanigans of the foster care investigation & all that led to the custody battle. He refuses. He’s beaten & threatened with the death of his mama. He signs. Nasty Lucious is near 💯 😕

Sidebar: Where are Angelo’s bodyguards? His mama has 6

With bloody shirt & battered face they all go to the ball. Angelo is escort. The Lyons tango. #notbad

Then Hakeem & Jamal take the stage. They put “DD” on blast, do a duet, in their tux of the recalibrated  “Love s like a drug” With the classical strings peppered through out, it ain’t bad. Oh. & the orchestra wasn’t vetted. #really? #unbelievable 

Cookie takes the stage & introduces Warren by skype. He puts his aunt on blast, telling of her role in the kidnapping, psychotic drugs, infilration & attack on The Lyons. The crowd murmurs. Diane stares. Angelo goes to find his cousin. Shortly thereafter, “DD ” is arrested for the kidnapping of Bella Lyons.  #really?

Anika, slaying in red; is packing. After the Lyon’s crash & the beaten face of Angelo, it was time to run. However, the knock on the door is Hakeem. He has papers & she’s encouraged to sign over Bella.  Because…

Anika is seen on tapes at Diana’s, after Bella is reported missing. She’s an accessory.  She signs. Hakeem takes Bella.  Anika cries. Wow!  #really?

Angelo finds Warren & pulls his gun. Jamal shows up. Angelo shoots Warren in the shoulder. Angelo & Jamal wrestle over the gun. Angelo is shot & maybe dead. Wow!  #really?  

Back at Empire, Eddie’s finally leaving the building, when his ex wife, Giselle (Nicole Ari Parker) shows up. Eddie is broke. Somebody named Lawrence did a Madoff with his money. Eddie’s got ideas…he’ll handle it! #hesback

Shine visits Andre, worried. He pretends he & Andre squashed their beef, when Lucious finds him in the room. Shine wasn’t premature, for Andre confesses to the bomb & attempted murder, shortly after Shine leaves.

Before Lucious could say, “uh, what did you say?!”  He’s injected in the neck with a hypodermic. Then we see him strapped down. Claws has him. #demimoore

It was a mid season finale. I expected more, must see & ” can’t wait for the return” But I can. 

Happy Holy Days🙏🎄🎉

Empire airs, Wednesdays @ 8:00 p.m. Pacific Time