Star (S02E09) "Climax"

It’s the mid season, finale & Carlotta is in the hospital. Batiste, (Philip Derona) “the only cop in Atlanta” she jokes, is at her bedside. He  wants her to walk him thru what happened, tonight.

In flash back, the day begins with “God’s Blessings” Carlotta’s is shut down for illegal cosmetic surgeries; a felony, What?! Carlotta’s shocked!  She doesnt know what they’re talking about#  Star looks @ Ms Bruce. #buttshots She’s fired 

Angel fires Jahil. He stole his song & he’s still pissed.  Jahil thinks he has paper on AA. Nope. Ayanna took care of it! 

Karen is hiding in the sound studio. She’s a fugitive.  Simone kisses her. She promises to take her with her when they win, tonight. She takes her to the salon.  Carlotta won’ t mind. Why not take her to Ayanna’s, Simone?! 

Cotton goes to apologize to Elliot. He’s stabbed in the chest  & beaten. He’s not dead…yet. She calls 911. This has Omari written all over this… in blood!

 At the hospital, Cotton cries & calls her mama. Omari stalks. Elliot dies. What a waste. 😔 

Then Omari snatches Cotton, after Carlotta leaves. He threatens her. She’s not living without him!  Cotton, alarmed, yet unafraid & with bass in her voice, walks off, calling Omari a punk ass bitch! She goes home & soaks in the tub. Omari drowns her. What?! 😔😕

Jahil goes to see Carlotta, pissed about AA & Ayanna.  Yet old wounds of Mixed Harmony surface for Carlotta. Jahil storms off.  

It’ s showtime. AA are on (not enough). Jahil sniffs & snorts.  Simone pops pills. Derek comes to the performance with roses for Alexandra. ⚘ They make promises of love & to stay together. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. 👞  And Take 3 is up.

“Imagination” their song to compete, was lackluster for me. I didn’ like it.  For such a major competition, they didn’t bring it., in my humble opinion.On top of that, Simone is high. Her pills kicked in on stage.

Back at the Homestead,  Jahil is looking for matches.  He finds the dirt on Ayanna & calls her daddy,  Charles Floyd (Richard Roundtree) #payback

Noah with special guest, Alexandra Crane, sing their song. Derek sees their passion. And that’s probably why his toes wiggled! “Yay” #hopeful.  They’re very good. They kiss. The crowd roars. They were the best act of what I saw. The song is really good. 🎤🎶👊

Backstage, Alex slaps Noah, surprised @ the stage kiss; then kisses him. They begin to undress.  Derek rolls in & sees Alexandra, just as she comes to herself. She stops the throes of passion. #toolate.

Derek sees just enough to suggest Alexandra  find somewhere else to stay,  tonight.  And here’s the sound of the other shoe. 👞 Oh & Noah wins the showcase.

During the clamour, congrats & celebration of the renewed sucess of Midtown, backstage; Dad comes with buyers to shut it down!
Midtown was his baby. He found out Ayanna, his baby girl, sold him out, years ago, to his major competition! This treachery began the slow erosion of the label. #heartbreak Thanks Jahil…not!

 ‘Speaking of Jahil, he’s found by Angel who had come to apologize to his Unc. He’s overdosed. 

Back at the Midtown offices, Star pulls a gun on Ayanna, for what she’s doing to Simone. Too late, Ayanna’s ready to die. She doesn’t shoot, putting the weapon down in front of Ayanna.

And Carlotta’s house is on fire. It wasn’t empty. Somebody’ s dead. It’s arson. My money’s on Ms Bruce (Ms Lawrence)

Not bad, not bad at all! 👊👌

Star airs, Wednesdays @9:00 Pacific Time & returns in the spring.

Happy Holy Days 🎉