The Exorcist (S02E10) "Unworthy"

The season finale of The Exorcist leaves no stone unturned. Even though we are given 10 short episodes, it’s enough to become invested in the story of this new family. We have seen them struggle through so much and the chaos that has disrupted their way of life. The creators and writers of this show have done such an amazing job, it will always leave you wanting more.

The darkened atmosphere encapsulates the turmoil that each character seems to be facing. Father Bennett (Kurt Egyiawan) has been found by officials from the Vatican, they need a strong host for a very special entity. Unfortunately for Father Bennett, there is no way to escape his fate. Weakened from his accident, he never had chance.

Back on the island, a storm is raging, it’s appropriate for things are looking dire for Andy (John Cho). The demon will not release its hold on him. The children and Rose (Li Jun Li) were sent off the island seeking help, but it is a hindrance to their delicate process. A simple exorcism isn’t as effective as it should be, Tomas (Alfonso Herrera) offers himself to the demon, hoping to save Andy.

While Mouse (Zuleikha Robinson) and Marcus (Ben Daniels) lay in wait, trusting in the power of Tomas, there is a war waging inside of Andy. His soul is weakening, and he can no longer hold back the demon. Everything he has sacrificed was because of his family, right until the bitter end he was thinking of them first. Tomas tries to deviate from the plan, desperately wanting to save Andy. But that was a risk they just couldn’t take, with the pull of a trigger, the entity and Andy were no more. When exorcist’s become Executioners, it’s the sad state of this new world.

It is such an emotionally gripping episode, there may have been a few tears shed. Especially when the children are reunited with one of their saviors. Tomas was left with messages from Andy for each of them, it was bittersweet and heartbreaking. The love and adoration he had for them just cements the tie that binds them all together. Instead of tearing them apart, Andy’s sacrifice brings them closer. They are a family, and no one will ever take that from them.

Oh, and just because the darkness is winning, doesn’t mean there isn’t a silver lining hidden beneath the surface. Rose is now the proud, new foster parent to five extraordinary children. When they are reunited with Truck, you can’t help but think that they will be okay after all.

The war is far from over, they are on the losing side, but with Tomas and his extraordinary gifts they just may have a chance. Marcus is unsettled and must go out on his own, but we know that they will cross paths again. This finale leaves an open road before them, and so much more story to tell.

There is no word on the renewal of this riveting show, but I hope that we will be able to see more of our exorcist’s in the near future. There are few shows, especially in the horror genre that are done as well as this one is. The storylines are engaging and terrifying. We need more shows like these.

This finale exceeded any expectations, but that’s the way this series has been since the beginning. They push the envelope and drag you to hell.
Now we wait.

Rating: 10/10

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review