Crows Blood Season 1 Review

I know this review is a little late but I just had to review this awesome series that I didn’t even existed  until I saw a trailer for it on El Rey on the countdown to Halloween the title of the series is Crows Blood. The show is from Executive producer Darren Lynn Bousman who want to create a Japanese horror show with Yasushi Akimoto who wrote the books to the One Miss Call series.

The series is about a girl by the name of Maki Togawa who gets transferred into this new school The students there are not sure what to make of her because she comes across as a very odd person.During lunch break when everyone is eating together on the roof of the school one of students notices that she is bleeding from the nose not only that but her blood color is black which is very odd.

After Kaoru take Maki to the nurses office and everything check out ok. Kaoru is still very suspicious of Maki but she not the only one it ends up there another student  is as well by the name of Aoi Nojiri who goes looking for any information that she can find about her online.

When Aoi Nojiri finds information she looking for about who Maki might be she confronts her about it on top of the school roof were they eat lunch. After she confronts her about what she discovered the next scene we see is her body falling off the roof splattering to the ground in form what could only be described as a human pretzel. Things start getting really weird when the students check to see how Aoi is doing the next day only to find out she look completely healed and the last person to check on her is Maki.

This  motivates  Kaoru to try to figure out what Maki hiding along with what she did to Aoi to allow herself to heal her whole  entire body. By the end of the first episode Kaoru learns that Maki originally died one night while meeting her father but her father brought her back to life somehow.

As the series progresses Kaoru along with the help of a  journalist learn that  Maki father infected her with this new strain of blood that allows any test subjects to heal from just about anything but the only problem is all the test subjects don’t want to be contained and will do anything to spread the virus that in them which is exactly what Maki is doing by kissing every student right before she kill them.

The thing I loved about Crows Blood is how the show feel like a good Japanese horror movie from beginning to end. The show dose do a good job at given you a really good horror story with a lot of twist and emotions were you can relate to both Kaoru and Maki  perspective. Crows Blood also dose deliver on some pretty crazy moments along with some really creepy brutal deaths throughout the course of the six episodes series.

Probably one of my favorite creepy moments happens in episode six won’t tell you exactly what it is but let’s just say it involved Maki singing a song over the phone which is very creepy for the way it is shot and executed.

While I’m not sure if Crows Blood will have another season I do feel the show did succeed on what it set out to do which is to give viewers a very interesting Japanese horror story from beginning to end while ending it in a way that feels both complete and open for more if the story goes on.

4 out 5 stars