The Goldbergs (S05E10) "We Didn't Start The Fire"

It’s Hanukkah time and Erica is home from college. She’s tired of spending time with her family (even though it’s only been one day) and informs her parents that she will be spending the first night of Hanukkah at Geoff’s house. Bev doesn’t want her daughter to be gone so she invites herself and Murray to make sure the Schwartzes don’t take Hanukkah and every other holiday away from the Goldbergs. Beverly confronts Lou Schwartz, Geoff’s father, about this and he confirms that it actually is his plan to steal Hanukkah. That’s when the battle between Beverly Goldberg and Lou Schwartz starts. They decide to settle the fight with a game of dreidel, but the fighting only gets worse when Bev finds out that the dreidel Lou is using is loaded. Erica and Geoff are disappointed in their parents who’ve ruined Hanukkah with their fighting, but in the end Lou and Bev make up and enjoy a new holiday tradition: celebrating Hanukkah together.

Meanwhile, Barry, who doesn’t understand that Adam has a girlfriend and is not unpopular, starts asking Pops for advice because he seems to be the one who helped out Adam the most. Pops shows Barry his first performance at the school’s talent show a few years ago and inspired by that night Barry signs up for the talent night at school again. He wants to sing the new Billy Joel song We Didn’t Start The Fire that he and Adam are both obsessed about. However, Adam came up with this first and feels like his brother stole his idea. But when Adam hears his brother attempt to sing the song, he’s relieved because Barry doesn’t really get the lyrics right. Pops tries to change Barry’s act for the talent show to the Who’s on First comedy routine , which turns into some hilarious scenes between the two because Barry obviously doesn’t get it. When he finally gets it, he doesn’t understand why it’s funny and decides to go back to being Barry Joel. But Pops tells him once again that he shouldn’t sing at the talent show, and accidentally lets it slip out that he helped Barry out during the first talent show (without him knowing) and he won’t be able to help him now. Barry is sad that even Pops can’t bring back the old, popular Barry and decides not to perform at all. Eventually Adam can convince Barry to perform their own school related version of We Didn’t Start The Fire together (while actually starting a fire…).

This was another great holiday episode of The Goldbergs! I loved finally getting to meet Geoff’s parents, played by Ken Lerner, Sam Lerner’s real life dad, and the always funny Mindy Sterling. I hope we get to see more of them in future episodes. The fight between Lou and Bev was awesome, for once Beverly wasn’t the crazy one. The way Wendi McLendon-Covey and Ken Lerner played off of each other on screen was really great, I thought the scenes between them were hilarious. But my favorite part was of course Beverly’s Hanukkah sweater.

I swear, you will always be able to make me laugh by showing me a clip of Beverly’s Hanukkah sweater. It has lights?! And not just that, it has music too??!! That sweater was just so crazy and I loved how it was used in the episode (poor Adam in that final scene). We’ve seen a lot of great sweaters on the show over the years, but I think this is my new favorite. Sorry, ‘harlequin clown riding a unicorn, high-fiving a dolphin’-sweater, you’re number two now!

It did feel kind of weird that they didn’t spend Hanukkah together with the whole family, but I can’t really get mad at that because the other storyline in this episode, involving the rest of the family, was just hilarious as well. I thought it was great that we got to see Barry and Pops together in a story, especially since this doesn’t happen very often. The scenes where Pops tried to explain Who’s on First to Barry were fantastic, but I also really loved the final performance of Barry and Adam at the talent show (I need that song to be on Volume 2 of The Goldbergs Mixtape). EDIT: well, it seems like my wish will come true! 

With two really great storylines this was another amazing and hilarious episode of The Goldbergs.

With the holidays coming up, The Goldbergs will take a short hiatus. The show returns on Wednesday January 3rd at 8/7c on ABC!

Happy holidays and I hope to see you back here next year!