Life In Pieces (S03E07) "Thirty-Five Teacher Escape Lottery"

From staying positive for a birthday to playing a game at home and trying to accuse someone, this week’s episode of Life in Pieces showed a lot of really good moments.

“Story One: Jen’s Birthday”

It’s Jen’s 35th birthday and she’s not to happy about it. Greg tries to kept things positive and gave her another b-day card that showed Clementine picture in it. Greg thinks that having Clementine as Lark’s babysitter would be great, but not to Jen. As Jen goes with Lark and Clementine to the park, she sees that Clementine is great. Things take shape when Greg, Jen, Clementine and Lark go out for Jen’s birthday and the waitress accidentally thought that Clementine was Lark’s mother and Jen was Lark’s grandmother. Jen drinks her way through her birthday cake that happened to have 53 on the cake and soon falls asleep at the table.

“Story Two: Teacher’s Pet”

Just as Heather and Sophia get going, they see Tyler and his friend, who happens to be Sophia’s science teacher. What looked gross at the beginning for Sophia, begins a special treatment from the teacher. But Tyler couldn’t take his friend’s kids, as they were acting out of control with him. So he had to break it up and Sophia suffers the punishment from her teacher. But that all changed when Sophia bought flowers for her teacher and had it made by Tyler and of course she takes him back.

“Story Three: Escape House”

When John wants to bond with his boys, he decides to get into the Escape house game that has been a hit around town. The game takes place in John’s bedroom and as soon as the game starts, they are locked from the inside and must find a way to get out but when they see a moving van outside with the guy and crew taking John’s stuff out, they realized that they’re being robbed and they were with noting left in the house.

“Story Four: Lottery”

After having lunch with Joan, Colleen is not only upset from being with Matt’s mother but also that her lottery ticket was stole from her and blames it on the valet guy. Matt thinks that she had misplaced it and asked his mother to lie and say that she had found the ticket but wouldn’t. So when Colleen and Matt drive back to the restaurant and asked for the valet guy, he apparently doesn’t work there after he quit. Matt tells Colleen that she has to acknowledge that she looses things and she walks away but Matt comes driving back after he found the actual ticket in the car and asked her to forgive him. She did of course.

This episode was very good and funny most of the time. I find each one of them to humorist as the last one, but the two that I really enjoyed was Jen’s Birthday and the Lottery. The writing of this episode was very good and the performance from the cast was once again amazing. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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