The Good Place (S02E03) "Chapter 16: Dance Dance Resolution"

As Michael’s attempt for the second try failed, he thinks that the third time will be the charm even if Shawn doesn’t know.
“Dance Dance Resolution” might be one of the funniest episodes so far, only being the third episode, this season. With the show showing so much character growth and wit, Ted Danson brings his best comedy chops in this episode as Michael tries once again for the third time to get Eleanor and not have her figure out she’s in the Bad Place.

But the third become twelve and twelve become ninety and so on and so on. With every attempt that Michael had come up with it would fail again and again by Eleanor Not to mention that even Jason figured it out by himself and that would be the lowest point for Michael to have learned.

Just as he might have the right concept, Michael meets with his workers, but only to see Vicky there. She attempts to blackmail Michael that if he reboots one more time that she’ll take over and tell Shawn all about what happened in attempt two.

As Michael gives it some thought about Vicky’s proposal, Eleanor and Chidi figure out again that they’re in the bad place and leave for the middle place with Janet meeting once again with Mindy. There they learned that they’ve been coming to Mindy’s place fifteen times already and even showed Eleanor that her and Chidi are actually meant to be together after show her a video of them making out.

As soon as Elanor and Chidi get back together Tahani and Jason, Michael shows up and gets a word full from Eleanor about the bad place and asking for demands. But Michael throws them a shocking moment that he would want to team up with them.

This was Danson’s best episode so far in this series. I’ve enjoyed the reboots and attempts but the one scene I’ve enjoyed the most was when he was getting depress, drinking while talking to his recorder and just goes on about how fat he’s getting and shakes his legs. While saying this Eleanor is right there in front of his desk. Not to mention the Eleanor and Chidi relationship I’ve so much enjoyed. I don’t think that Eleanor will tell Chidi about the tape for a while. The writing was solid and the performances was excellent from the cast but also from  Tiya Sircar, who plays Vicky on the show, that really stole the episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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