The Good Place (S02E04) "Chapter 17: Team Cockroach"

As Michael propose to team up against Vicky, Eleanor and the gang try to get something out of it, mostly Eleanor.

Michael proposes that he, Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani and Jason team up against Vicky and her ideas of The Good Place. With that idea on the table, Eleanor doesn’t believe at all what Michael is saying at all and tries to escape back the Mindy’s place. But Chidi comes to give Eleanor a second thought, she goes back to Michael and asked him about how many times he has helped her in situations, with the answer to be all the time.

In the middle of the episode, we get to learn about how Tahani died. She died of a statue falling on to her after trying to take it down during her sister’s Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame party. Tahani really got the reason why she isn’t in the good place.

Eleanor agrees with the others to team up with Michael and get rebooted back to where they all started with frozen yogurt stands all around. Michael and Eleanor take another tour and get to watch Vicky perform her song and dance number to everyone. Michael tells the gang that he will be watching over them for Vicky so that will give them time to learn about good ethics so they go to the real good place. And just as they prepare for what is to come at Vicky’s party, Eleanor and the gang, including Michael and Janet, get their hands together and yell out “Team Cockroach” as their team name.

“Team Cockroach” was once again one of the funniest episodes and probably one of those episodes that you could watch and feel better at the same time. With so much humor and character growth that watching these group of characters would make you feel good if you are in a bad or depress mood. The performance from the cast was amazing once again. Everyone really shined equal to one another, but if I really had to choose it would be Bell, Jamil and Danson. The writing was solid once again. Overall, I give this episode 9/10.

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