TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

Now that the year 2017 is almost over, we want to look back and see what new shows graced our TV’s this year. Some of our writers have submitted their favorite new show of 2017 and you can find the results on the list below. Make sure to check out all these amazing shows!

Damnation (USA Network)

damnation - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“My favorite new show of 2017 has to be Damnation. It’s a show that breaks every stereotype. The women are strong, independent, and smart, and actually manipulate the men into doing exactly what they want them to do. None of the characters fit a typical stereotype for a western or ’30s time period. Even what you would consider the lowest character, an african american prostitute, (Bessie) turns out to be one of the smartest and savviest. The revolutions the brainchild of Seth’s wife, and she tells him exactly what to say. The men are just the muscle. There’s even a female assassin. No one character is who he seems to be. Everyone has an agenda, and everyone’s empathetic. Even if you hate what they’re doing, you understand why. The show draws you in from the first line and keeps you hooked. That’s why it’s my favorite new show of 2017.” – Kate (@kate_mccrea)

Damnation’s next episode airs December 21st on USA Network.

Ghost Wars (Syfy)

ghost wars - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“This series takes the paranormal to a whole new level. With lots of mystery and fun to each episode. The series gives the viewers a new look at psychic powers going up against paranormal forces and there’s not that many series like that so I’m impressed with it. And this series is awesome!” – Kevin (@GhostArtist1990)

Ghost Wars’ next episode airs December 21st on Syfy.

Ghosted (FOX)

ghosted - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“With Adam Scott and Craig Robinson the show has two amazing actors to play the lead in this paranormal comedy. The show is about Leroy, an ex-cop (Robinson) and Max, a college professor turned librarian (Scott) who start working for Bureau Underground, an agency that tracks paranormal activity. The two have to work together to fight against paranormal creatures. After a rocky start in the pilot, the show develops more in the following episodes. It’s weird, it’s funny and Max and Leroy eventually develop an unlikely bromance.” – Sanne (@seriesfreak12)

Ghosted’s next episode airs January 7th on FOX.

GLOW (Netflix)

glow - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“GLOW ,the Netflix comedy series that stars Alison Brie. The first season, 10 episode series is set in 1985 LA and it’s about a struggling actress who tries out, along with a dozen other women, for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW). The writing is solid with a great balance of dramedy along with the throwback music is just amazing. Not only does Brie shine in this series but Betty Gilpin, Brie’s character’s former best friend and retired soap opera actress, and Marc Maron, who plays the GLOW director who’s at odds with Brie’s character, both steal the show. The show will have you laughing and even crying at times, but it’s a show that has a good heart.” – Adam (@abaker20)

GLOW’s first season is streaming on Netflix. The show has been renewed for a second season.

Godless (Netflix)

godless - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“My favorite new show is GODLESS. Why? The acting. I love Merritt Wever. Someone tells her early in the series: “You look ridiculous.” And she answers right back: “You ever worn a dress?” Reason # 2: Jeff Daniels. He started out being really evil. Your standard straw man. Someone who’s going to get knocked down by the finale. But I kept marveling at how each new episode he managed to find new notes for his character to play. Finally: the reason I love this show was how they are true to the Western tropes: Evil vs. Good. Laconic hero. Shoot-out. I had so much fun identifying how many tropes they were going for, and all without a trace of self-conscious mugging. That takes commitment. The show was true to its genre. And enlightened me, as well as a new generation of watchers, I am sure. Plus, I love the finale. The way the sheriff rides so casually into town (in the middle of a shoot-out, no less), casually walks past the Bad Guys and assumes The Position (middle of the street, facing a gang of vicious Bad Guys on HORSES) and acts like it’s Easy Peasy. I love that he came out of it without a scratch. (Also loved the character of Martha: wounded in the stomach, takes a deep breath, WALKS out, head held high, pistols blazing).” – Marianne (@mariannevill714)

Godless’ first season is streaming on Netflix. It is unsure if the show will have a second season.

Legion (FX)

legion - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“Legion is set in the marvel universe but it’s not your average mutant story. With a talented cast and dynamic story lines that continuously push the envelope, it’s a show that engages the audience and keeps you wanting more. Dan Stevens is marvelous in the lead role as David Haller, a mutant with extraordinary powers. Every episode seeps into your head and plays with your thoughts, leaving you questioning everything. Aubrey Plaza is the icing on the proverbial cake, making Legion a force to be reckoned with.” – Carissa (@KissKas)

“After the outstanding job that Noah Hawley had done on Fargo, the idea of him taking on an X-Men related property intrigued me. Not since the first season of Daredevil have I been this enthralled with a comic book related adaptation. Legion is highly inventive and feels as far away as a comic book adaptation as possible, but that works to its advantage because Hawley created a great, innovative property first and great comic adaptation first. It embraces the weirdness of the source material, highlights mental illnesses, boasts an impressive cast, above all including an incredibly transformative performance from Aubrey Plaza as the Shadow King. Hawley has breathed new life not just into comic book adaptations, but television in general and Legion is definitely a must-see.” – Omari (@TheOtherBigO)

“Two words: mind blown. It was bold, funny, intriguing and dark. Plus there’s mutants in it. A solid first season. Legion will become a successor for The Leftovers.” – Luis (@L21sMa)

Legion’s second season will start in February 2018 on FX.

Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu)

runaways - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“The dinosaur in Marvel’s Runaways would be enough to make it one of the best shows of 2017 (new or old), but it offers much more. Aliens, fistigons and James Marsters are just the tip of the iceberg to this complex yet genuine journey of adolescents and parents. In case those four things did not make it clear, this show is a comic book adaptation and one that is exceptionally accurate. They managed to meticulously recreate scenes ripped straight from the 2003 Marvel Comic while also keeping true to the spirit created in Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s original Runaways: keeping the teenagers’ hope but accepting the evil of the past in the form of the parents’ cabal called the Pride. Close Second: Future Man (Hulu has really stunned me with how relevant it has become… And it will only get better next year with the debut of Castle Rock!)” – Patrick (@professmaloney)

Marvel’s Runaways’ next episode will be released on Hulu on December 19th.

The Bold Type (Freeform)

the bold type - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“If you consider yourself an intersectional feminist, if you’ve ever campaigned for more representation on tv, or if you tweet woke thoughts and write a political Tumblr blog, The Bold Type is the show for you. TBT is set in modern-day New York, where the three millennial protagonists work in a magazine that is part of a media empire. In a very realistic world that is not all sugar and spice, Kat, Jane and Sutton have to fight every day to be taken seriously by their superiors, to advance their careers, to understand who they are and what is it that they really want. Two main characters deal with issues linked to their sexuality in the first few episodes, another shows the reality of racism in America, the girls’ boss is a firm feminist who takes on the patriarchy every day. The Bold Type is all about self-empowerment and self-acceptance. It actively fights all the overt and internalized signs of sexism, double standards, racism, embracing diversity and inclusiveness.” – Federica (@ladymultifandom)

The Bold Type has been renewed for two more seasons.

The Brave (NBC)

the brave - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“The Brave starring Anne Heche and Mike Vogel. This military drama is about the men and women who go behind the call of duty to save lives in a dangerous world that’s intense and thrilling that’ll have you on the edge of the seat at times. And the fall finale (that aired Nov. 20th) left with such a cliffhanger. The cast in this show is amazing from Heche and Vogel, who seem to have great chemistry to Natacha Karam kind of steals the show at times as Jax, who is just a cool, badass member of the seal team. There’s a good balance of humor and drama and yet there’s a message with some of the missions and really good characterizing background building as well. The fall finale (that aired Nov. 20th) ended with a heart-pounding cliffhanger.” – Adam (@abaker20)

The Brave’s next episode airs on January 8th on NBC.

The Orville (FOX)

the orville - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“In my opinion the best new show of 2017 is The Orville. It’s not often that a show can successfully straddle the line between spoof and serious science fiction. Seth MacFarlane has nailed it with this series, transitioning between fart jokes and serious topics like infant sex change with ease. The cast is diverse, interesting and spot on with comedic timing. I can’t wait to see what storylines MacFarlane will dream up for next season.” – Kelsey (@nolenag03)

The Orville is renewed for a second season.

Trial & Error (NBC)

trial and error - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“This show has the potential to be a Parks & Reaction. The show is filmed with the same pseudo documentary style and in a town of wackos. Which is the perfect recipe for comedy. Not sure who managed to cast John Lithgow as Larry aka the defendant is a genius. Not many actors can deliver outlandish lines so matter fact. The trial of Larry delivered the best quirkiness of the town , the jokes and the surprises. Whether Larry did it or not became secondary to watching Josh his defense lawyer figuring out if Larry did it and how to defend him. The show knew it’s wheelhouse and still delivered surprises and the laughs. I won’t say whether Larry killed his wife or not but the end scene that shows who his wife was again was the best surprise. I can’t wait to see what happens next!” – Marissa @lil_mis_dx

Trial and Error has been renewed for a second season.

Valor (The CW)

valor - TV Series Hub's Favorite New TV Shows of 2017!

“My best new show of 2017, should come at no big surprise, The CW’s Valor. It is one of the best (and most underrated) shows on television! The story of two special ops helicopter pilots drawn into a conspiracy involving terrorists, POW’s and traitors within the CIA. First of all this cast is one of the best looking casts on television! Christina Ochoa (Nora Madani) and Matt Barr (Leland Gallo) are two of the most beautiful people to grace television screens. Melissa Roxburgh (CIA officer Thea) & Corbin Reid (Jess Kam) are also two of the most beautiful women in the industry. Second of all, the writing is top notch! The story that is interwoven with flashbacks to fill in the audience on just what they want you to know. You are never sure if the people you are rooting for are the good guys (like the CIA’s Thea and Magnus) or left wondering if the main leads made a horrible mistake on a failed mission, that got two of their own captured. Third (and lastly), the topics this show tackles are a wide range of things that impact our world today. Nora’s being the only woman in special ops aviation, her recovery from being addicted to pain killers hits home for a lot of people dealing with these issues. Showing characters like Zoe Cho (Chelle Ramos), an out gay woman in the military is rarely shown on television. They also talk about sexual assault in the military as well as PTSD. In closing…watch this show!” – Stacey (@Kuliet4ever)

Valor’s next episode airs January 1st on The CW.

Our writers at TV Series Hub wish you all very happy holidays and a fantastic 2018. We hope to see you back on TV Series Hub soon!

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