Damnation (S01E05) “Den of Lost Souls”

Our intrepid strike breaker, Creely (played impeccably by Logan Marshall Green) meets the enigmatic Martin Eggers Hyde, Phd, (played by Gabriel Mann of Revenge fame) to discuss what’s taking Creely so long to end the strike.  In perhaps the understatement of the series so far, Creely says “This particular town, it’s complicated,” a statement that couldn’t be any truer.

The carnival rolls into town, bringing with it mysterious figures from Seth’s (played by Killian Scott) past and an assassin hired by Martin Eggers Hyde, Phd to kill the preacher.  Creely fanboys over a wrestler he’d watched in the past (played by WWE Superstar Luke Harper) which is so fun to watch.  Amelia and DL Sullivan team up to start their own underground newspaper, and the Sheriff offers Bessie the difference on a down payment for her own house in exchange for information on “the strikebreaker) as he calls Creely.

Seth’s past comes to light as a specter from his outlaw days comes to town looking for sanctuary.  Lew (played by Juan Javier Cardenas) comes riding into town just as the Carnival does and is in need of a place to stay.  He and Seth catch up on old times over tequila (which is insinuated that Seth had a drinking problem with back in the day) and learn that he, Seth, and Creely all grew up together.  It seems Lew and Seth used to pick on Creely back in the day and Creely might have a bone to pick if he sees Lew again.

Amelia and DL work together to form their own newspaper, using what’s actually happening in town along with Amelia’s radical ideas as the content.  DL strikes a deal with the carnies to distribute the papers from town to town to get the word out about th strikes to encourage other towns to follow suit.

Bessie plays detective to find out who’s behind the price fixing and buying up all the land that gets for closed on and informs her father as part of her deal for the down payment of her house.  Seth and Lew get drunk and kidnap Mr. Rumple in order to scare him out of town, which was working until Creely comes up on Rumple stumbling down the road in his red pajamas smelling of piss.  Rumple states his desire to leave, and Creely threatens him into staying.  The big reveal of the episode is that Martin Eggers Hyde, Phd, had not only hired Creely to be the strike breaker, but that he’d found him in jail where Seth had framed him for murders, finally bringing to light why the brothers where so against each other.

The climax of the episode takes place at the carnival at night as the townspeople revel in a much needed night of entertainment.  Seth and Amelia are having a date night, while Lew is there with another woman he met that night.  They’re all hanging out when a man in a suit (why do all assassins where suits?) shoots Lew mistaking him for Seth.  He grazes him, and Seth runs leading him on a chase through the fields into a barn.  Seth shoots him, and asks him who hired him.  He gets shot before he can speak by Creely, however, and Creely says he’s taking Seth in to answer for the murders he’d framed Creely for.

There’s a lot of information imparted on us this episode, from Seth and Creely’s past.  What did you think of that?  will Creely turn Seth in?  Do you think he’ll let him go?  What’s his end game?  Why is all the land being bought up?  What do the banks want with that much land if they think farming is going to be obsolete?  Comment down below and let’s discuss.