Good Behavior: (S02E10) “Letty Raines, in the Mansion, with the Gun” [SEASON FINALE]

chad hodge game of clue dec 18 17 - Good Behavior: (S02E10) “Letty Raines, in the Mansion, with the Gun” [SEASON FINALE]
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We pick up from a doozy of a cliffhanger! The season finale is written by Joshua Karns. It is directed by Magnus Martens. The episode was produced by Doc Crotzer and co-produced by Lenore Zion. The executive producer for the finale is Chitra Elizabeth Sampath. A very special thanks to Chad Hodge and Aaron Crouch.

How does one dispose of 2 dead bodies?

It all starts off with a game of “Clue”. (Yawl remember that game?) Somehow, it seems to me Letty is either having a nightmare or hallucinating all of this? The whole Brett and Patrick personas would you say are extremely annoying? Yeah, they really are. Letty girl hold it together. Imaging you are playing a game of “Clue” with Rhonda it must be a wild one, huh?

“Letty Raines in the Mansion, with a gun.” – Rhonda says

All the while as Jacob is watching on at Rhonda with this WTH look. Letty is getting more paranoid by the minute. It’s not even five minutes into the episode and I am literally dying inside. What tour de force performances by Michelle Dockery and Juan Diego-Botto!

“Let me be done… let me be good at one thing.” – Letty

The question is why does Letty punish herself repeatedly? She looks in the mirror and sees nothing but self-loathing and guilt. (A reason she had those self-help tapes on auto-dial?) Could she have been a better mother? Person? Friend? I agree with Javi. No one punishes you better than you punish yourself. She is her own worst enemy most of the time. It’s only the people who truly love her the most that can get through to her. Only then she can truly understand what a good woman, mother and friend she really is.

Therefore, compartmentalizing is crucial…  Auto-pilot for now, freak out later, Letty, ok?? When you murder two people, there are massive repercussions.

You must love a man who will literally help you hide the bodies.

Watching Letty stare into that pool of blood was creepy. I’ll be totally honest. What was she expecting to see? (Besides her reflection, I jest.) Life is tough. Sometimes you must deal with the cards you’ve been dealt. Could Brett and Patrick be getting to her? (Sure!) No matter what, the lengths Javi will go to protect Letty speaks louder than any words he could ever say. He loves her. He’s in this for the long haul. No man in his right mind would let you kill someone and then hide the bodies for you. Let’s face the real hard facts. They are not a conventional couple by any means. They are real as they are ever going to be. They are Javi and Letty. Two imperfect people yet perfect for each other. I loved how Javi just took control of the situation. He also took into regards that this was his love. His other-half that made him whole, Letty. Things had to be handled a bit differently.

“You do not get off that easily. I am sorry Letty, but you work for me now.” – Javi

A perfect example. Letty needed to understand that she had to get the task at hand done. It was not going to be easy. Nor would she like it. He needed her help they had to do this as a team. It was like Javi and Letty against the world. How much did you love when Javi told Letty how he paid for the house?

“Just let me leave you.” –  Letty

“No. We have done that. And you always come back. And I always come back.” – Javi

It’s been written in the stars for these two from the time their eyes first locked. When they met, they wanted to be together. It was like this intense draw pulling them towards one another. At first Javi was at that hotel doing a job. It turned out to be more than that. (He was hired as a contract killer, remember? Letty in the closet?) They knew they wanted more. There was something real there. Love at first sight happens. (Yes, it’s true!) These two haven’t been apart ever since that day. Letty tried to leave him at the truck. Of course, she went back. Why? Because she loves him. Javi went to that hotel room looking for Letty after that binge she had, why? He loves her. These two are meant to be together. I must give the writers and TpTb huge props on how seamlessly they write those emotions into the dialogue. Michelle and Juan are chock full of chemistry and bring us to another place with Letty and Javier. We can never thank you enough for giving us Jetty.

The Rescue by Louise in the Sprinter, just one thing…

We get a surprise Christmas gift early! It comes from the three wise men. Christian forgets to tell us that doesn’t travel anywhere without: Rhonda Woodhill. His wife! (No longer Rhonda Lashever). Of course, her first greeting to them is in a form of a very witty and hysterical insult. “BLAH. BLAH. BLAH. Lucky, we brought the Sprinter. Look who is in it Mexican Clyde & Bonnie (Letty).” He is Argentinian!

I LOVE LOUISE. Well, technically Christian. Anyway, scooting over those minor details. He cares so much for Letty. He is like her brother? Her father? It’s kind of hard to choose which figure he’d become to her. He comes to their rescue this time: Javi and Letty. He doesn’t forget to bring the “fictional” (If you even want to call it that, it’s up to you! I say NON-FICTIONAL. *SNORTS*) autobiography he is penning. Javi listens smiling on as Christian reads the book he is writing.

chad hodge swan life jetty dec 18 17 - Good Behavior: (S02E10) “Letty Raines, in the Mansion, with the Gun” [SEASON FINALE]
EDIT: @chad_hodge

What an ending and new beginnings.

When you can’t think the Season 2 finale can top the prior one, guess what? You are SO WRONG!  I loved the Season 1 finale too. The Fleetwood Mac song playing (acoustic version). While Javi is explaining the Waldo Emerson quote to Jacob as Letty listens in the back seat. (Be still my beating heart!) I have several interpretations of what “swans” ending could mean.  Especially since they posted it in an online magazine. (So many theories spinning in our heads!) Swans mate for life… Swan Song, like the ending of Jetty or the show? Then I saw Letty and Javi floating on swans in a pool, in Los Angeles! I took a deep sigh of relief. This means we will have Season 3 in LA! What lies ahead for them? Jetty has officially become “Bonnie and Clyde”. As we patiently wait to hear of Season 3 renewal…

Good Behavior (S02E10) Letty Raines in the Mansion with a Gun. Random Thoughts for Season 3:

  • The SUV is a problem. Oh yes… leaving the scene of an accident. Plus, the phones are in there. There was that old guy is going to call the police. Loose ends on who can tie them to the scene of the crime. (Will they come back to haunt them?)
  • Do you really think that Teo was the real killer? What about Ava? Is Papi still alive and breathing? (Something seems off to me…)
  • Whatever happened to Carin? Her husband Eric and that daughter of hers Apple? Don’t forget what happened at the campsite.
  • LA is looking better every day, isn’t?
  • EMMY WORTHY PERFORMANCES GIVEN BY Michelle Dockery, Juan Diego-Botto, Terry Kinney, Ann Dowd, Lusia Strus, Joey Kern, Nyles Steele and Juan Riedinger. Thank you, Chad Hodge. You are a genius.

Good Behavior (S02E10) Letty Raines in the Mansion with a Gun. I hope you enjoyed my review. Until we meet again in Season 3!