MacGyver (S02E11) “Bullet + Pen”

It’s a MacGyver Christmas and after another successful mission the team is celebrating. Everything seems picturesque and perfect, which means that something must happen to interrupt their jovial time. Matty (Meredith Eaton) comes bearing bad news, the police are on their way and they must do everything to ensure that their espionage cover doesn’t get blown, so MacGyver (Lucas Till) takes one for the team.

This episode comes complete with a very special guest star in the guise of one of the officers who gets the job of interrogating MacGyver, none other than the original Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill). MacGyver has been charged with domestic terrorism. A bomb he had created brought part of a building down, and allegedly took the life of a man who was still inside.

Things aren’t quite adding up, and with the odds stacked against them the team must pool their resources together in order to clear MacGyver’s name. As the they piece together the routine covert operation of that particular day, the answers slowly start coming to the surface. Not only did MacGyver not kill an innocent man, they uncovered an extensive drug ring that was linked to the cartel.

A panicked Jack (George Eads) is pushing the rest of the team to work more diligently. There is no easy fix for this and with time running out, they are desperate to bring forth the evidence they need to clear MacGyver’s name. When a key player in the drug ring comes up missing and appears in the exact precinct where MacGyver is being held, it is more than a coincidence. Even with the FBI present, it doesn’t deter the bad guy from trying to enact his revenge on MacGyver.

It took getting shot at for them to realise that they took an innocent man into custody. Trapped in a room, with no way out and a madman on the loose with a gun, it seemed to be a helpless situation. But they happened to be stuck with the best person, it’s just another day in the office for MacGyver. Working his magic like he does, saving the day and a few lives.

With charges cleared, they can breathe easier now. It’s a Christmas miracle and the perfect time to continue their festivities. All seems well and good, but there is something sinister hiding in the shadows. Cage (Isabel Lucas) get’s caught off guard in the safety of her own home. cloaked in the shadows, Murdoc (David Dastmalchian) gives her a proper welcome, only this time she wasn’t wearing her bullet proof vest.

We are left on a cliffhanger, wondering if Cage is going to make it out of this one.

This was the fall finale for MacGyver, and it will return in the new year.

And was that gift really from Mac’s dad? I guess we have to wait.

Photo: Screenshot taken by author of review.