The Good Place (S02E05) "Chapter 18: Existential Crisis"

Just as things are seeming to go to plan, Michael finally understands the meaning of live like there’s no tomorrow.

Just as Vicky thinks her plan is working, Michael gives her his plan for torture of what she could do with Eleanor and the gang. But she didn’t like how long it is and wants them in a one page with pictures (you know someone like the current President wants every memo).

As Michael gets Vicky’s plan about having Tahani throw a party, she’ll be throwing a party too. As Tahani and Jason prepare for the party, Chidi tries to teach Michael about ethics but when he talks to Michael about death and what would happen to him if Shawn found out, it turned Michael into a broken man.

Our gang get together at Tahani’s party but when they headed over to Vicky’s party, Tahani became mad and jealous about it. That lead her back to her party along with Jason, who tells her his own good person meter and rates her at an eight out of ten.
Meanwhile, Michael runs off during Vicky’s party but comes back with a look out of Miami Vice, shocking Eleanor and Chidi. They try to get the old Michael back and Chidi tells Eleanor that the only way is to tell a story of a sad event about death. With a flashback of Eleanor’s past of learning about her dog had died as a child, at her dad’s funeral to even crying about family at Bed, Bath and Beyond. And Eleanor tells Michael that moment and it seemed to work as he’s back from his mid-life crisis.
As Chidi, Eleanor and Michael about to get ready for another lesson, Tahani and Jason wake up in bed together after a night stand. Tahani shocked and wanted to talk about it but Jason, too excited, wanted to make her breakfast cereal. Given Tahani a moment to think and smile.

“Existential Crisis” was another great episode that had a lot of humorist moments and not to mention some heartfelt moments as well. The humorist moments coming from Danson once again with Michael reacting to what death really means for him and dressing like Don Johnson from Miami Vice. The heartfelt moments comes in with Jason making Tahani feel better after coming from Vicky’s party. And also Eleanor’s flashback and moment with Michael was sure a heartfelt moment to see the characters, that includes Tahani and Jason, to grow and open up. The writing was strong and performances were solid. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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