Erased (S01E05) "Episode 5"

In this episode, Satoru jumps back to the past and adopts a new strategy, while the series speeds into the presumable unknown.
The episode starts with a man called Sawada receiving a call from Satoru – Sawada reveals that he used to work with Satoru’s mother, and that before her murder they were looking back into the kidnappings. He assures Satoru that they are on the same side, and they begin working together. Satoru visits Airi, and when she escapes from the hospital (there are strange men outside her door) they meet at the bridge, but are soon surrounded by police. Satoru thanks Airi for believing in him, and as he is about to enter a police car he spots the killer lurking nearby – he rushes towards him and suddenly finds himself back in class; he has time-jumped again, and the date is February 29th, so Kayo is still safe.

The rest of the episode revolves around his new strategy to save Kayo – he enlists his other friends (one of whom is also a target of the kidnapper), and they convince Kayo to hide out in an abandoned school bus until the Child Protection Services act on her abusive mother. One of his friends is a boy named Kenya, who is not only extremely intelligent, but notices that Satoru is acting differently and confronts him about it.  Note that Kenya will become more important as the series progresses, as he will play roles in both the past and present. Kayo feels content and secure in her new lodgings (the bus), until late at night a strange male figure walks irritably into the bus, drops a bag, kicks a box, and exits. We can only assume that this is the kidnapper, and we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see what was in the bag he dropped…

There was nothing exceptional about the episode, but it did its job to progress the story, and it ends on a fairly good cliffhanger. The pacing is quickening, and as of right now Episode 5 ends where Episode 7 of the anime did. I can only assume that either more focus will be put on the concluding episodes of the anime, or that the ending of the manga (which this series apparently uses) requires more attention and episodes than the ending of the anime. If that’s the case, then I’m very excited – because then even I won’t know what will happen next.

Side Thoughts and Observations:

  • Baka Nano count: 8
  • In Episode 4 we saw Satoru browsing through a magazine and reading about how to turn a disposable camera into a stun-gun – in this episode, he creates one back in the past and almost uses it on Kayo’s mother. Nice.
  • Airi suspects that the men outside her hospital room were sent there by the guy who spoke to her manager the previous day. It’s confirmation that he must be the kidnapper or highly involved in the kidnappings, which also foreshadows that whoever he is, he has some position of power or authority.