Erased (S01E07) "Episode 7"

Young Satoru saves another soul, and closes in on the killer, in an episode that focuses on set-up (rather than delivery) of thriller-like action.

Setting their sights on Aya Nakanishi (a lonely girl from a neighboring primary school), Satoru and his pals work on befriending her. While at first she rejects an invite to their hideout, and puts up resistance to their offers of friendship, the return of Kayo (who is commuting from her grandmother’s house now), and warmth from Kazu (one of Satoru’s friends who seems to quite like Aya), help to attract her; and she ends up joining the gang.  Satoru and his mother also receive a visit from a younger Sawada (the guy he contacts in the present), and they are informed that Sawada is investigating a person who has most probably killed a few children in other towns, and has pinned each murder on suspects who always insist that they are innocent.

While Satoru may have ‘saved’ the original victims of the killer, he suspects that the killer will likely find another target, and advice from Kayo leads Satoru to believe that Misato Yanagihara – a girl who at one stage bullied Kayo – has lost most of her friends and is now particularly lonely. Satoru follows her to a school hockey game, and when she disappears (either to the restroom or the emergency exit), he sees a delivery vehicle pull off and believes that Misato may have just been kidnapped – he requests the help of Mr. Yashiro to drive after the vehicle, concluding the episode.

The end of episode 7 is identical to about midway through episode 10 of the anime – this means that there is plenty of new content in store for the rest of the season, with a likely focus on the present. I’m excited to see where this all goes, but also somewhat apprehensive – without the source material, there is a chance that the show might devolve into uninspired filler, or just bland content. I hope not, as I’ve enjoyed this series thus far. We’ll have to see. Be sure to check out tomorrow’s review, where I will discuss the reveal of the killer, and what it means for the series moving forward!

Side Thoughts and Observations:

  • Baka Nano count: 10 (I’ve forgiven the show-runners for the lack of these last episode)
  • I loved when Satoru asked Aya what she was reading, and she responds with King Lear – he really doesn’t know what to say, and ironically Kenya doesn’t step in to carry the conversation on his behalf.
  • When Satoru is stalking Aya at night, and his mom calls him for help with groceries, it seems all too coincidental that Mr. Yashiro drives by and offers to give them a lift – it’s almost as though he was waiting for someone. Hmmm 😉